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December 2019



What We Do for Sales Is Good for Our Pocketbook But What We Do for Others Is Good for Our Souls

In October 2019, I was in Las Vegas for a sales and follow-up call training at Alderus Mortgage. During this training event, I had the chance to meet Julie Kelai, a real estate agent who had just gone through a disheartening situation. Julie was feeling worn down and, frankly, at the end of her rope. But after receiving encouragement and confidence- building skills, she didn’t give up. Having these opportunities to help others see their potential and achieve their goals is the most rewarding part of what I do.

“So it was Alderus who said to give it another chance, but I wanted to maybe sit and learn from you, how you interact and deal with people, because it’s not difficult; you just have to practice. So I’m trying. I’m coming out of my shell, and it was actually through our meetings that I got a bit more relaxed because you make it look so easy! And it can be; you just need to do it often. That’s where I’m learning to practice that.” Dave: “So we called that particular client and shared what he said and how that changed your career when we called him live. How did that change your career?” Julie: “Well, it opened my eyes, actually, Dave. What I thought they were thinking was far from the truth, and that was something you said in your training. I realized that I shouldn’t have made the assumption. I should just call and ask! I mean, for people who I currently work with right now, I just ask them if they would give me a review. I never asked for it because I was always, I guess, shy? I don’t want to ask people for things? I don’t know. Frightful? I don’t know what the word is, but you were saying it’s okay to ask. No one in the real estate business told me that. It took somebody from outside the industry to tell me that. And you know what? I do it all the time now. “I want to know the good, bad, or ugly about how I’m doing. If I like what they have to say to me to my face, then I ask, ‘Do you mind posting a review?’ I have to tell you, this is a hard industry, and I would say to several people, ‘If you haven’t put in five years, you really haven’t given the industry a chance.’ It’s true!” Dave: “And then what the guy said about you — that was the best part. I had no idea all that stuff had gone on. He thought you were awesome!”

Julie Kelai of TR Realty

-D ve Tester

Dave: “You were so kind. You said you’d give me a quick testimonial and share that story again. You were thinking about quitting. Tell me about that.” Julie: “Well, what I wanted to share with you is that I’m a new agent. I’ve been a commercial agent, but residential? I’m brand new to it. So, I was going to quit because I just don’t know how to deal with residential clients per se, because I have not been trained to do that. But I gave it a shot, and this particular guy was my very first residential client. Usually, when you come into the industry, you deal with buyers; I was dealing with a seller. “So everything that could go wrong with a deal went wrong on my deal with this particular guy, so I was very discouraged. I didn’t want to tough it out. But, you know what? I pulled the house for 66 days, and that wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted the house sold, so he fired me on day 27, even though I’m the person who told him that’s unrealistic, especially in his area, because nothing had been sold in the last 12 months for me to get enough data.

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