Newsletter - June 2018

Vo l ume 25 , I s sue 6 June 2018

by Mike Stanton, CCM General Manager/COO

Dear Members,

we are also working on the Heart of the Club… our staff. We are fortunate to have many dedicated individuals here at Seven Oaks who truly care about our member’s experience. We are diligently working on our service culture, policies, procedures and training. This is a task that never ends because outstanding service trumps out- standing amenities. We of course will always strive to have both. It is my goal that no member will ever doubt how deeply we care about their experience at Seven Oaks. If we make a mistake, and we will, it will not be for a lack of caring or passion for our mission to provide you with the best possible experience. Certainly we are not “there” yet, but we are working continu- ously on incremental improvements, better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today. I look forward to the journey.

As I approach the two month mark of my time at SOCC, I am so appreciative of the continued warm welcome I have received. It has been a busy 60 days meeting members and learning the culture of Seven Oaks. One of the primary tasks I’ve been working on is an assessment of our facilities with regard to use and condition. I don’t think it’s any secret that we have quite a lot of deferred maintenance, and while that’s unfortunate it is reality. We have already begun tackling many of the problem areas including; painting, patching walls, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and fixing or replacing damaged equipment. This work will be on-going. Some of the other Capital projects we’re working on are:  New Furniture for the Grand Foyer. As you know, this furniture is worn out and long overdue for replacement.

 New tables and chairs at the Tennis Pavilion, both at the tennis courts and on the pool side.  We will be replacing the barstools in both the Oak Room and the Grille.  We’ll be doing some work on the shade structures at the Tennis Pavilion and the Grand Island pool.  Another project that I’m excited to share with you is the re-opening of the snack bar at the Tennis Pavilion. The plan is to be open from 7:30am to mid-afternoon (we’ll adjust as necessary). This will allow golfers, tennis players, lap swimmers or any member on their way to work to get a breakfast sandwich or muffin in the morning, as well as lunch items all day, beverages, fruit smoothies and even a cold beer. We have quite a bit of work to do to get the snack bar in working order. I’m targeting July 1 st as the opening date.

See you at the Club, Mike

In addition to the repairs and Capital items,

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