BGB: Siemens-Bonus SWT & Legacy Solutions

> Approved and Trusted Solutions > Over 25 Years in the Wind Industry

> Development and Supply Partner for Multiple OEM’s > Over 125,000 BGB Slip Ring Solutions Installed Globally

Are you experiencing problems with your Slip Rings?... Cleaning too much? Sticky black residue inside? Waiting on units to arrive? Paying too much for parts?...

Resulting in... CLIMBING towers too much Turbine DOWNTIME Increased dept. COSTS

BGB Upgrade Solutions

Aftermarket innovation : Addresses the failures of the previous units while still fulfilling the Siemens specification Reduce O&M costs : Modular design means that manufacturing costs are lower and parts are common to all versions of the unit Always have the right part : Available in all variants of CS and VS No maintenance : No dust generation or cleaning requirements due to silver fibre technology Work with a trusted technology partner : Incorporates successful design and experience from BGB’s successful Vestas units Improved seal : End access and no maintenance means the concentricity of the cover does not change over time. The weep holes prevent oil ingression into the main body

BGB's improved seal offers greater protection against hydraulic oil ingress from the hydraulic joint

(Pictures left and right show oil ingress in competitor products)

BGB Design Advantages: Signal and Power channels utilise the same brush and ring interface to: reduce unit cost, reduce temperature and increase transmission safety factor

Reduce component lead times : Made in the USA and stocked in the UK

Designed to IP65

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