BGB: Siemens-Bonus SWT & Legacy Solutions


Did you know?

BGB has been producing slip rings for Bonus turbines since the Bonus 1MW which was first produced in 1996. While having a relatively low production volume, it had the characteristics typical of the Siemens turbines of today, such as the iconic nacelle shape and three stage asynchronous gearboxes that served as a foundation of design for the Siemens Bonus turbines after the Siemens takeover in 2004.

AN Bonus 1.0MW

• Spare part provision

• Legacy support

• Repair and refurbishment

BGB Legacy Products for Siemens / Bonus Turbines Include: AN Bonus 2MWWCT2: Pitch Control Slip Ring 20 way ( 518720 ) , Paratec Upgrade AN Bonus 1MW: Pitch Control Slip Ring 10 way, Paratec Upgrade Lightning Brush Holder & Lightning Brush (32 x 16 x 50)

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