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T H E K I N O ’S B U S I N E S S THE FAITH OF GOD The alternative reading of the famil­ iar passage, “ Have faith in God,” is, in the Revised Version, “ Have the faith of God;” which is interpreted by many devout scholars to mean: “ Share the confidence which God has in the ulti­ mate glory of things under b is gov­ ernment.” Whether this be so or not, as regards this particular Scripture, the thought which is here expressed can be justified from many of the inspired writ­ ings. It may not be expressed in so many words, but the hopeful note is un­ mistakably present. The thought of God’s confidence in the ultimate issue of things is necessary for us. Nothing can be more inspiring than the knowl­ edge that “He eannot fail,” and that His title of “ Kihg of kings and Lord of lords” is a very real one, which must


receive the amplest justification in the life of the Universe. It is this fact that is the ground of the only optimism worth maintaining. They who believe, in a vague way, that things somehow will of themselves come right, are not so much optimistic as foolish. They have nothing substantial upon which to found their hope. The optimism of the New Testament is everywhere based upon the fact that the Son of God, “ by Whom and for Whom” all things were made, must come into _IIis inheritance and that “He must reign.” This is a vastly different thing from a vague idea that “ evolution will complete the process.” It is not in the blind working of law, but in the triumphant victory of a Divine Person, Who owns humanity be­ cause He has purchased it, that our hope lies. So to believe, is to have "the faith of God.”— Life of Faith.

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S T U D Y THE | Fundamental Doctrines o f the Bible I WitkE>R. R. A.TORREY, Dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles

BY CORR ESPOND ENCE The Bible^ Institute issues a very practical interesting course on the above. This a very careful study of what the Bible teaches on the Christian faith. The method pursued is to bring together every statement of Scripture bearing on the doc- trine under discussion and from them ascer- tain and formulate the teaching of the Bible. A very essential study. Enrollment fee, in- eluding all study material, $5.00.


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