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Stories and Poems for Addresses Rev. A. B. Webber, the author of “ Apt Illustrations,” has now brought out through Doran & Co., another booh of the above title. We have read through the material and believe that speakers will find the collection a very present help in time of need. Price, $1-50. Triumph of the Gospel in the New Hebrides This is the life story of Lomai of Lenakel. Every reader of the immor­ tal autobiography of John G. Paton will remember the seeming failure of that intrepid missionary’s efforts on the island of Tanna, where he began his career in the New Hebrides. This book by the great John G. Paton’s third son, who continued his father’s work, tells how that failure was turned into vic­ tory. The hearts of the people of the island were finally won, and their lives changed, through the influence of a “ key” leader Lomai, whose remarkable conversion and subsequent faithfulness as Mr. Paton’s most trusted lieutenant is the chief theme of this narrative. Price, $1.50. What Every Christian Should Believe Dr. William Evans, in this book (B. Is Colp. Ass’n.), restates in plain terms for the instruction of young Christians especially what the Bible teaches about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and Satan. There is a crying need of a more intel­ ligent faith on the part of the follow­ ers of Christ, and this book, if widely studied, would do a great work. Price 90c. These Three Here is an interesting devotional book by the author of “ In the Secret of His Presence,” Rev. G. H. Knight. The author has availed himself of the most notable of the “ Bible triads,” i.e., those texts which present a triple statement of truth designed to give it greater emphasis. For example, “ That we should live soberly, righteously and godly;” “ The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.” The author presents forty-live of these triads, and every message pre­ sents a theme upon which the preacher

could build a sermon, or the layman could meditate, with profit. We heartily commend the book and assure its readers that in it they will find a real feast of good things. Price, $ 1 . 00 . In Many Pulpits With Dr. Scofield is the title of a new volume from the Oxford University Press. The book is handsomely printed and bound and contains an excellent portrait of Dr. Scofield which many of his friends will be delighted to have. The book was prepared by Dr. Sco­ field before his departure to be with the Lord and contains twenty-seven choice sermons given by him in this and other lands— all brief and in choice, simple, scholarly, yet spiritual, language and characteristic of this great Bible teacher. We commend the book heartily to ministers for suggestive themes and to Bible-loving believers for devotional purposes, and as an exceptional Christ­ mas present. The price is $2.50. Evangelistic Talks ' The addresses in this volume were delivered at noon-day meetings. They reveal Gipsy Smith’s genius in an ex­ traordinary way, especially to those ac­ quainted with the circumstances of their origin. Each day the evangelist was teamed with a local pastor, who spoke first for ten minutes on a theme of his own selection. Gipsy Smith then followed and without any opportunity for previous preparation delivered an address which invariably fitted closely and logically into the theme of the first speaker. Dr. Vance in his Foreword describes these wonderful appeals as follows: “With a mental grasp swift, accu­ rate, and original; with a command of simple words full of color and action; with a delivery free from all tricks and affectation; and with an eloquence sweeping from tears to smiles, master­ ing the mind, fusing the passions, cap­ turing the will, Gipsy Smith in these impromptu addresses reached the height of pulpit power.” Price, 1.25.

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