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Great Books by Trusted Leaders

IS TH E BIBLE TH E INERRANT WORD OF COD? And Was the Body of J e s u s Raised from the D ead? By R . A . Torrey Dr. Torrey’s latest and most convincing defence of the Fundamentals. 12mo. Net, $1.50 TH E IIVIPORTANCE AND VALUE OF PROPER BIBLE S TU D Y . How P roperly to Study and Interpret the B ible. FyR .A . Torrey Written to enable* busy people to get the most possible out of their Bible study. 12mo. Net, $1.00 TH É INEFFABLE CLORY Thoughts on the R esu rrection By Edward M . Bounds Full of spiritual uplift and consolation. 12mo. Net, $1.25 TH E RULING LINES OF PROGRESSIVE REVELA ­ TION By W. Graham Scroggie Sign posts from Genesis to Revelation, pointing to the one great purpose of Holy Writ. 12mo. Net, $1.50 METHOD IN PRAYER By W. Graham Scroggie Discusses in turn the prayer of adora­ tion, of confession, of petition, etc. 12mo. Net, $1.00 CONTEND ING FOR TH E FA ITH C on stru ctiv e C riticism and P ositive A p ologetics By Rev. Leander S. K eyser, D. D. A ringing champonship of the "faith once delivered." 8vo. Net, $2.00 PAUL TH E IN TERPRETER OF CH R IS T By Prof. A.T. Robertson, D. D. “ Dr. Robertson’s books always seem to come direct from God through a conse­ crated mind and heart.” The Baptist Standard. 12mo. Net, $1.50 HERALDS OF A PASSION By Rev. Charles L. Goodell, D. D. “ A veritable tonic to the spirits of all who are praying and hoping for a genu­ ine nation-wide revival.” The North­ western Christian Advocate. 12mo. Net, $1.25 TH E A TON EM EN T By Rev. James Stalker, D. D. One of the standard works on this cen­ tral Christian doctrine. 12mo. Net, $1.50


By R. A. Torrey Contains the very heart of Dr. Torrey’s life-long study of the Bible. 12mo. Net, $1.50 TH E REAL CHR IS T By R . A. Torrey Unforgettable portraitures of the man Christ Jesus. 12mo. Net,$1.75 TH E TEARS OF J E S U S S e rm o n s to A id S o u l W inn ers B y Rev. L. R . Scarborough, D. D. A collection of revival sermons by the great Southern Evangelist. 12mo. Net, $1.25 PREPARE TO M E E T COD B y Rev. L. R. Scarborough, D. Do More revival sermons by the great Evan­ gelist on “ The Central Passion of the Gospel.” 12mo. Net, $1.25 ONE THOUSAND EVAN­ GELISTIC ILLUSTRATIONS By Rev. Aquilla Webb, D. D. President Mullins says, “ I know of no collection equal to it.” Second Edition 8vo. Net, $3.00 SERMONS FOR SPEC IAL DAYS By Rev. F rederick D. Kershner, LL.D. These sermons cover all the notable occasions of the Church Year. 12mo. Net, $1.50 A COMMENTARY , CR IT I­ CA L AND EXPLANATORY ON TH E WHOLE BIBLE By Jamieson, Pausset and Brown The only thoroughly orthodox single­ volume commentary on thè entire Bible. Large 8vo. Net, $7.50 LIFE OF ROBER T LAWS OF LIVINGSTON IA By W. P. Livingstone An extraordinary life story of the man who carried on David Livingstone’s work. Fully illustrated. 8vo. Net, $3.00 TH E BOOK OF M ISS ION - ARY HEROES By BasilMathews Thirty-two stories of the daring deeds of the heralds of the Cross, from St. Paul to Livingstone. 12mo. Net, $1.50


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