King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S 1103 teaches the babes, because they are humble and trustful (Mt. 18:3-4) ■be- cause they desire to be filled (1 Pet. 2:2) ■because they are responsive (Mt. z l.-lb ); because they are teachable (Mt. 11:25). —K. L. B. THE PREMILLENNIAL LOAFERS We are quite frequently confronted with the charge that those who believe m the Lord s coming will not participate in any kind of social ser- world311^ no^ n^ but '•'l16 Lord’s coming can do any good to the Such aspersions are not made by men who have made any actual inves­ tigation of the work being done by those who believe in the Lord’s coming, i hrnr only basis for making them is that they think this would be the logical effect of holding the hope. Dr. Philpott, of Canada, said recently: “ If they want to make comparison of actual work done for the alleviating of sorrow and suffering, the real effect of our ministry and church life upon the community m which we are placed, we challenge an investigation and a comparison on the part of these Social Service enthusiasts! The differ­ ence between the two is that the one believes that regenerating men is the best way to clean up the world, while the others have the idea that cleaning up the world will regenerate men.” Rev. Henry Kenda.ll Booth, D.D., Congregational pastor at Long Beach, is a good specimen of those who think they have a “ patent right on the term bociaJ Service. The foolish extremes to which these broad-gauged breth- ren- allow themselves to go, is well shown in a recent sermon of his in which he says that we “ rejoice in the calamities of the world today’ be­ cause(they are signs of the coming of the Christ.” “ They are glad,” he says, that the world is in sorrow and despair because it means that Jesus is coming back Now, those who accept that doctrine, naturally feel that since the world s ruins can never be rebuilt except by the divine hand of Cod alone, the best thing they can do is to just set themselves in order and prepare themselves for that great coming of Christ and for that reconstruc­ tion that he will set up. That is the purpose of the so-called Fundamentalist today. That is his outlook for the world. He does not see that it is any particular use to send money across the sea for the relief of the needy or to try m any way to set the world right. ” It seems at times that no uglier spirit of intolerance is to be found than that manifested by those whose main plea is for religious freedom It matters little whether their statements are true to fact—it must be made to appear that they alone have the uplift of humanity at heart—they alone are responsible for every humanitarian effort. Dr. Booth sits in his study apparently unaware of the thousands of missionaries in every field who love the. Lord’s appearing, and who are pouring out their life’s blood for the saving of the bodies and souls of the heathen. He does not see the hun­ dreds of sacrificing pastors, and social workers throughout our land whose great inspiration to better service to man is the promise of reward at the -Lord s coming The slum workers and mission leaders who are giving their lives to the saving of men because they know the Lord’s coming Read About It in the Inset Pages

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