King's Business - 1922-11

Important Notice T o A ll Bible Teachers and Bible Classes the time orders can be received, we will have ready for delivery a most remarkable series of studies covering the Gospel of Luke— which will be taken up by the International Lessons for six months beginning with October. A more unique and helpful thing both for teacher and Scholar, has, in our opinion, never been published. It cannot be surpassed, for it is not man’s commentary, but God s own commentary. This work, entitled “THE SON OF MAN” , has been compiled from Scripture, by Keith L. Brooks. Mr. Brooks believes there is not a difficult statement in the Gospels but what can be explained by other Scripture references. He therefore gives us a verse by verse explanation of Luke, using nothing but Scripture references to explain. The method is to state suggestive questions, leaving blank spaces for answers, and giving in each case, the reference that will supply the explanation. You write your own commentary with the help of the Bible. The questions are splendid for class work. The work will fascinate any Bible student. Note-book form. Price not yet determined, but will not be over 50c. If money doe, not accompany order good, will be cent C. O. D„ unle,. otherwise specified. If books are to come by mail add 10% for postage. BIOLA BOOK ROOM, Bible Institute, Los Angeles 11Qfl

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