King's Business - 1922-11

lbcoming The Christian Calendar for 1923

is the ideal Calendar, just the one you have been looking for. Those who had it last year will surely want it again this year. The cover design is a simple inspiring pic­ ture of the Boy Jesus "In the ^Vorkshop of Nazareth. Each page has a beautiful Scrip­ ture picture done in sepia and each day has the date in clear letters with a helpful Scrip­ ture text underneath. Besides this, the Sunday School lesson text and Golden Text for each Sunday is given. And the prices are lower than any other Scripture Text on the market. 1 to 3, 25c each 5 for $ 1.00 25 for 4.75 100 for 17.00 500 for 75.00 not prepaid These prices are cash with order. Postage prepaid to any place on earth except as noted. WALL MOTTOES We have a very large selection of all sizes of Scripture Text Wall Mottoes. We have many different designs both in the floral patterns and in the velvet mottoes. The prices range from 10c A to 50c. For a motto I ( I/"* 5'/2x\oy2 ...................................... - L v / C

CHRISTMAS CARDS The Scripture Text Christmas Cards which we offer this year are exceed­ ingly handsome in appearance— beau­ tiful both in design and colorings. The Scripture texts are carefully selected and the poems or other wording well chosen— and, best of all, the prices are well within the reach of all. ONE LOT Assorted sizes, shapes, designs, and colorings.............................. 50c per dozen ANOTHER LOT Larger in size, all double fold- A ing cards. Especially nice__I l l P $1.00 per dozen Scripture Text Christmas Post Cards 25c per dozen; $2.00 per 100 Splendid selection.

Beautiful designs, size 7 f$ x l0 .........

Larger Mottoes, Velvet 10x13, Floral Designs, 10 j/j x 14.........

In your order tell us as nearly as you can and we will select mottoes that will be be sure to suit you.

I f m o n e y d o e s n o t a c c o m p a n y o r d e r g o o d s w il l b e s e n t I f b o o k s a r e t o c o m e b y m a il a d d 1 0 % f o r p o s ta g e .

O . D ., u n le s s o t h e r w is e s p e c ifie d .

BIOLA BOOK ROOM, Bible Institute, Los Angeles


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