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Christian Life

Things That Matter Most

The Home Beautiful

By Dr. John Henry Jowett, D. D. Dr. Jowett always preaches about the things that matter most, the deep, vital, spiritual realities. Men go to hear him, not because he is in the fashion, but because he is a prophet of God. These are characteristic sermons. Cloth, $1.50

By J. R. Miller, D. D. Those who ponder the teaching herein set forth will be the better for it. Its appearance is particularly timely in an era when so many influences are at work to disintegrate the home and defeat its divine aim. Cloth, $1.50

God and Me By Peter Ainslie

This little book is designed for all believers in Jesus, and especially for those who have recently entered into the blessed relationship of adoption into the holy family of the Heavenly Father, and so it may be called a primer for the beginners in Christian living. Boards, 50c

A Book o f Family Worship

The Book o f God’ s Providence By John T. Faris, D. D. An excellent book for spare moments which instantly grips the attention by its interest and at the same time deepens faith in God. Cloth, $1.25

The Book o f Joy By John T. Faris, D. D. A collection of dramatic stories which tell how joy actually came into the lives of real men and women when they learned the secret of the Christ life. Cloth, $1.25

Rev. Benison, Rev. Lukens, Rev. Robinson, Mr. Herrick Containing daily prayers for five weeks, prayers for special occasions and a sug­ gested list of Bible Readings for morning and evening for one year. Leather, $1.00

Why I am a Christian By Dr. A. C. Dixon

This is one of the most helpful hooks that it has ever heen our privilege to read. Dr. Dixon, in the foreword says, "I give the line of thought which led me out of doubt into the clear light of faith; and I pray God that it may he used of Him to lead others, in the same way.” Paper 50c

If money does not accompany order goods will be sent C. O. D., unless otherwise specified. If books are to come by mail add 10% for postage. BIOLA BOOK ROOM, Bible Institute, Los Angeles

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