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- Christmas is Coming— “Best” Books f o r Children Thirteen splendid missionary stories which tell of thirteen different coun­ tries, that are just the thing for children. Each and every story is told in a simple way which the smallest children can understand. They are designed to please and instruct and to awaken their interest in, and sympathy for, the young folks of prominent missionary countries. These are exceptionally good books for mothers who like to read or tell true, live stories to their little ones; or they can be used to a great advantage in children’s mission study classes.

T h e C h i l d r e n ' s M i s s i o n a r y S e r i e s P



Consisting of thirteen volumes, each telling about the children of i different country. They are all very ably written, full o f interest, and told with great literary ability.





Children of Borneo Children of Egypt Children of India Children of Jamaica Children of Africa Children of Japan

Children of Wild Australia Children of Persia Children of Ceylon Children of Arabia Children of China Children of Labrador

Children of Jerusalem These excellent books written from the missionary point of view all have eight full-page, highly colored illustrations which add greatly to their delight­ fulness. Price 75c each

I f m o n e y d o e s n o t a c c o m p a n y o r d e r g o o d s w i l l b e s e n t C . O . D ., u n le s s o t h e r w is e s p e c ifie d .

I f b o o k s a r e t o c o m e b y m a il a d d 1 0 % f o r p o s ta g e .

BIOLA BOOK ROOM, Bible Institute, Los Angeles


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