King's Business - 1922-11


At the World’s Conference on Christian Fundamen­ tals, held in Los Angeles June 25-July 2, a resolution was adopted declaring the purpose of the Convention to create a new Sunday School Bible1Course by January 1, 1923, and advising the adoption of the same by every church that remains loyal to the Lord and to His Word. A Committee was appointed for this purpose which will meet in Minneapolis the latter part of October. In order that the necessary time for the preparation of a three years’ course might be given, the Committee has decided to recommend that the first six months of 1923 be'devoted to a series of lessons from the Gospel of John, commencing January 1st. This will enable, those churches and schools which desire to use this new course to prepare for the same, and will also give the Committee ample time to prepare a systematic course of study cov­ ering the whole Bible. Nothing could be more appropriate for the believers in the Fundamentals than this Gospel series from the Book most attacked by the enemies of the truth, which contains every fundamental doctrine in simplified form. As The King’s Business has a large constituency of Sunday School readers we propose to continue the Inter­ national Course for the year 1923, at the same time in­ augurating the new course, beginning with the January number, which is issued about December 1st. The International Course for this year has been far from satisfactory. The evident purpose in omitting pas­ sages of Scripture which contained definite fundamental teaching and which were germane to the lessons, has caused much unfavorable comment, and is but the climax of a definite purpose to pander to the desires o f our friends, the enemy, who are determined to do all within their power to destroy the foundations of the evangelical faith among the youth of our land. Praise God, the battle is on and we know that He will honor those who honor Him. “ Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” —T. C. H.

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