King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


SEEKING TO SECURE 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS Splendid suggestions from our readers in response to our call in the July issue continue to come in. It will he remembered that the suggestions which we printed last month were all along the line of ENLISTING THE AID OF THE KING’S BUSINESS FAMILY. This month we are printing some letters received from pastors, containing most excellent suggestions with reference to ENLISTING THE AID OF THE PASTORS. One pastor (who evidently first tried it himself) says: “ First: Let every pastor who is himself a subscriber to The King’s Business appoint a week and call it ‘King’s Business Week’. On the first day of that week let him speak of the K. B. and what it stands for, and then appoint some of his members to help take subscriptions during the week. “ Second: Let every subscriber show the magazine to some friend, and when he sees what a fine magazine it is, he will subscribe at once. I did.”— (G.E.W. Bradford, Pa.) A young woman writes: “ To pastors who are favorable to the magazine send out a, number of slips something like this: ‘I promise to inquire of the Lord as to His will regarding my subscribing to the K. B. for myself and for a friend, and to abide by His leading in thè matter,’ asking the pastor to distribute these to his congregation, urging that they be signed and returned to him. It might be well to furnish sample copies to be distributed at the same time. Also, get as many churches as will do so to enlist the aid of their BUSINESS MEN— doctors, lawyers, grocers, fruit peddlers, etc. It would pay them to take a little extra time in connection with their business to do business for the King.” — G. B. G., Los Angeles. A “ farmer-pastor” writes: “ Get out a suitable poster calling attention to the King’s Business, send to the pastor and let him act as agent for his congregation. I am a poor minister, with no salary, but do farming to support nfyself. The King’s Business is very helpful to me.”—R. W. W., Michigan. EVERY ONE of these SUGGESTIONS is PRACTICAL and WORKABLE, and we commend them to those of our readers who are pastors, as well as to those good people who are always helping the pastor by bringing good things to his at­ tention. For fear your pastor might overlook this most important matter, be sure to call it to his attention, and then help him put into practice such a plan as may be decided upon as best suited to the needs of the congregation. Read our SPECIAL CHRISTMAS ÒFFER on Page 1180. We are sure you will decide that any TIME or MONEY devoted to this pur­ pose will be a PAYING INVESTMENT. MAKING the AWARD for the best suggestion will be the most difilcult thing about this whole proposi­ tion, for they are ALL so excellent. Remember the offer was: BEST SUGGESTION, $30 Library. SECOND BEST, $20 Library. THIRD BEST, $10 Library. All of these books to be selected from Biola publications. In the December issue we expect to announce the names of the persons whose suggestions have been selected as the most satisfactory and desirable and to whom, accordingly, the prizes offered have been awarded. The editor will be grateful, at any time, for any suggestion for making the magazine of greater value. — T. C. H. (See Inset Pages)

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