King's Business - 1922-11

THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND ERROR Notes Regarding Some Prevalent Errors

day of the high cost of living it would seem to be a superb opportunity to turn this non-sense science principle to good use. If they can only usher in that “ perfect day of understanding,” when it will be no longer necessary to “ eat to live," they will do more than all the other schemes to bring down the high cost of living.-IËA. C. Wycoff. Imaginary Cures By ignoring the law of disease, the Christian Scientist fails to comprehend the laws of health. To safely and sanely cure a disease a real knowledge of its functional significance and cause be­ comes inevitable, and no amount of “ faith” or “ denial,” however apparently successful, will sever the chain of cause and effect which holds together in orderly sequence the manifestations of life and death, of health and disease, of growth and dissolution. And though a clever, well-trained mind may suc­ cessfully juggle with those laws and cause them to serve capricious ends— as amountain current, temporarily dammed up, may give the impression of being brought to a permanent standstill—yet the interference in either case is a mere matter of appearance, which sooner or later must give way to the leveling ac­ tion of the pressure back of the current. Hence the action of the vital principle back of the “ mortal error,” in spite of its denial, will continue to pursue its inexorable course on deeper and more ominous levels. Hence the real cause has not been touched; it is only its effect, which under the coercive strain of conditional obstruction, has tempo­ rarily been shifted to a deeper field of action, to return, however, to its normal course, when the imposed obstructions of its current have been removed. Thus j


CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Dope for Dyspeptics. Here is the cure (?) for dyspepsia. Says Mrs. Eddy: “ In seeking a cure for dyspepsia con­ sult matter not at all, and eat what is set before you, ‘asking no question for conscience sake.’ We must destroy the false belief that life and intelligence are in matter” (p. 222f). It is very apparent that from the stahdpoint of nonsense healing, the im­ portant thing is to keep the “ rules of health” out of the head and then any­ thing can he put into the stomach, and any amount. Mrs. Eddy goes to the very root of this whole problem of dys­ pepsia when she says: “ Admit the common hypothesis that food is the nutriment of life, and there follows the necessity for another admis­ sion in the opposite direction— that food has power to destroy Life, God, through a deficiency or an excess, a quality or quantity. This is a specimen of the ambiguous nature of all material health theories” (p. 388). Mrs. Eddy is correct in making this point. Therefore non-sense science is forced to. take the opposite position, which is done without the least hesita­ tion. So Mrs. Eddy says: “ The fact is, food does not affect the absolute Life of man” (p. 388). This treatment of dyspepsia is per­ fectly consistent from beginning to end. If it appeals to one as intelligent and rational, well and good. The most discouraging feature of it all is the tenacious way in which Christian Scien­ tists still cling to the delusion that “ food is the nutriment of Life.” They seem to make no effort to demonstrate the fallacy of this belief, and in this

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