King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


The deception which Is carried out in their tracts and articles of faith is so misleading, and so cunningly covered over, as to mislead the very elect. Jesus, the Son of Mary and Adam in the flesh, fhe Holy Spirit, the power in a man to become God. Baptism, faith, and re­ pentance are the three articles of great­ est importance in the Mormon organi­ zation; but faith is simply faith in the Divine knowledge as revealed to the prophet Joseph and his successors. Re­ pentance; to the Mormon, means sorrow that he did not accept the Gospel (Mor- monism) before. Out of this darkness and a great deal more, which space does not allow me to give, the Lord wonderfully saved me ten years ago. I went to a camp meet­ ing of the Christian people with the full intention to convert as many of them as possible to their acceptance of Mormon- ism. I was in the East at that time with my husband, really as a Mormon missionary, although the Mormon peo­ ple do not send out placarded women missionaries. Yet in every place where the Mormons are working there are al­ ways women doing the work that only a woman can do, to win victims for the Mormon “ Church." Although I had gone laden with Mormon tracts and booklets on Mormonism, I was convinced, when only there a few hours, that the song “ On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand,” which the people were singing, meant something I knew nothing about. I be­ gan to realize that there might be a reality in the peace which the Christian people seemed to have. I recalled the fact that my father, who had died in my infancy, had taught the pure Gospel, as he was a Baptist minister. The first night, while attending the camp meet­ ing, I would not enter the Christian place of worship; as for a Mormon woman doing such a thing without be­ ing first allowed by those in authority would not have been “ legal,” but I stood at the door and listened, and the REACH the 100,000 GOAL.

words spoken touched my heart. Dur­ ing the next two days the Lord wonder­ fully spoke to me, and showed me that the Bible was all the Word that He had given to lead us to salvation. I real­ ized that the “ holy” books of the “Mor­ mon Church,” with all their erroneous teachings, were of the devil, and the re­ sult was a glorious bonfire was made of them at that place. X was free with the liberty that Christ Jesus had given me, from the bondage of Mormon- ism and every other sin. The Lord showed me clearly that it was my duty to expose the error of Mormonism, and tell to the Christian world of its deceit; and more than anything else, to tell the story of how Jesus had saved through His precious blood one Mormon woman, and how He is willing and anxious to save all others, whether Mormons •or other sinners. ■Then there came a time, a few years ago, when I realized that God called me to go into the world and preach His Gospel, exposing the error from which I had been delivered, and telling of the peace that had been wrought by the Lord in my heart by His saving power. Since that time I have taken the mes­ sage from the Lord to “ stand fast in the liberty wherein Christ had set me free” ; and not. be yoked with unbelievers in any bondage; to stand alone, if need be, with God. I praise His dear name today that He is my All in all; that I have peace in my soul; that all the old things have passed away; and that I am a new creature in Jesus. He is all I need for soul and body, bless His dear name. Many times He has healed my body in miraculous ways, and indeed it would be impossible for me to for one moment think that the days of miracles have passed; for the greatest miracle that I can imagine was that which God wrought in my heart when He took from me all fear or allegiance to the faith of ■ Mormonism ‘that I had been brought up in, and gave me peace in my soul (See Page 1180)

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