King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


police; called a “ brooder” and a “ plotter” and a “ dangerous crank,” needed but to meet the man who was carrying on a propaganda for the Book in order that the current of his whole life might be changed into helpful, hopeful channels of usefulness. Bible vs. Bolshevism For more than a week another colpor­ teur carried his dinners to a mine where he mingled with a group of Russian Bolshevists who spent their noon hours planning how they might spread their bolshevism and foment unrest and close the mine. He, too, was a propagandist. His specialty was the Bible. Gradually he told them of the better way. He read the Sriptures to them and one by one they bought Bibles of their own. Though this has been months ago, there has been no strike at that mine, and today, in that place, there is a group of Russian miners who spend their noon hours talking about what the Book says and wondering what changes there would come to this world if everywhere the teachings of Christ might become the guide of human conduct. Truly we need more Bible propaganda. DON’T FORGET TO RENEW One of our subscribers sent us the following: Don’t stop my paper, brother, Don’t strike my name off yet; You know the times are stringent And dollars hard to get; But tug a little harder Is what I mean to do, And scrape the dimes together, Enough for me and you. So do not stop it, brother,,^; Unless you want my frown, For here’s the year’s subscription, Be sure you put it on, And send my paper promptly To Yours sincerely, John.

KISSING THE DOGGIES A subscriber writes us as follows: “When I see how so many people are ‘going to the dogs’ : (the dogs taking the place of children in the home, while thousands of children are dying, because there is no one to take care of them) it fills my heart with a desire to see The King’s Business and other Christian mag­ azines take up the matter, and tell the so-called Christian ladies, that kiss their doggies and make a big fuss when any­ thing is wrong with them, but would turn away from a poor little forsaken child, what the Bible teaches about the Chil­ dren and what about the dogs. (Rev­ elation 22:15.) Yours for the Master and His full Gospel.” APES OR ANGELS Those who care to look to the Zoo for their relatives, are at lib­ erty so to do; but we who hold to God’s Revelation as to man’s nature and creation must be al­ lowed freedom to laugh at the ene­ mies of the Bible who, in one breath, extol the deity of man and the immanence of God, and then proceed to explain their queer divinity in terms of the primordial protoplasmic germ -deriving its promise and potency from no­ where, starting out on its journey upward, onward, and along the lines o'f heredity, natural selection, adaptation to environment, and the survival of the fittest; evolv­ ing at its successive stages and grades, snails, tadpoles, quadru­ peds, bipeds, hybrids, apes, crimi­ nals, fools and philosophers, saints and sages, and all forms of anima­ tion, from the wing of a butterfly and the tooth of a dragon to the brain of a Newton and Shake­ speare.— Bible Call.

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