King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


FAITH AND DOUBT If thy faith have no doubts, thou hast cause to doubt thy faith; if thy doubts have no hope, thou hast reason to fear despair. When, therefore, thy doubts shall exercise thy faith, keep thy hopes firm to qualify thy doubts.' So shall thy faith be secured from doubts, so Bhall thy doubts be preserved from des­ pair.— Quarles. JESUS SATISFIES There’s not a craving of the mind Which Jesus cannot fill; There’s not a pleasure I would seek Aside from His dear will. From hour to hour He fills my soul With peace and perfect love; While rich supplies for every need He sendeth from above. He stilled the angry tempest’s power, Which raged within my heart; And bade each sinful passion there, To speedily depart. Yes, Jesus is my all in all, He satisfies my soul, For me He died on Calvary, He now has full control. The joys which this vain world bestows Have lost their charms for me; Once I enjoyed its trifles, too, But Jesus set me free. Its joys will perish in a day, Its pleasures quickly fly; Its mirth like mist will pass away, And all its honors die. Yes, Jesus is my Saviour dear, My Bock, my Strength, my Song; My Wisdom and my Befuge safe, To Jesus I belong. He is my Advocate with God, My Way, my Life, my Light, My Great Physician and my friend, My Guide by day and night. —B. F. Magnin.

Chinese that, since she had lost her life here, she had really died for their sakes. * * * “ As we went along the Cenral Road the sun broke through the heavy clouds in a m ost beautiful w ay and lit up the trees w ith a real radiance. * * * A large number had already preceded and others follow ed and It was undoubtedly the largest attendance that had ever been at a funeral in Ruling. Certainly the sym ­ pathy of the people was very deep. Dr. D ixon bore up strongly and carried him­ self w ith great fortitude. The service at the grave was very brief and the wonder­ fu l sunset which broke ju st about the middle of the service was such as to take away all gloom . It made us feel that it is only a step from the grave to the glory beyond, and as though the golden future was indeed ju st a step beyond. Dr. Dixon was greatly pleased with the beauty of the spot and feels that it robs the calam ity of much of its harshness to have had it occur in „an environment where nature is so beautiful and on every hand speaks of God.” We covet for Dr. Dixon the prayers of all God’s people that he may have a continued sense of the sustaining and comforting power of God in this bereave­ ment, both at this time when he is cross­ ing the Pacific on his homeward jour­ ney, and as he again takes up the work in his church in Baltimore.

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