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dits only cursed him and went on with their work. However, he ran away and quickly reappeared with the leader of the band of brigands. This man at once commanded them to stop looting. He said: ‘Return everything that you have taken without delay; any man who re­ fuses will be summarily dealt with.’ At once everything was returned to us, not one. little thing missing. The man bowed and apologized for the annoyance to which we had been put and sent us rejoicing on our way. “ In the city to which we went we, saw the military government change several times in a few weeks. At first the city was under the control of ban­ dits, then Southern soldiers came and drove them out. They in turn were driven out by soldiers of another party but soon got reinforcements and re­ turned to once more drive out the in­ truders and assume control. So it' went. There seemed to be trouble on all sides, and yet our hearts were full of joy, for God was working for us and through us, and we realized what Paul meant when he said: ‘Sorrowful yet always re­ joicing.’ . , , “ Surely God has given us great cause for joy, for in these few months three self-supporting churches have been es­ tablished in hitherto unevangelized cities and districts, and two of the church buildings are city temples that have been remodeled and dedicated to the service and worship of the living God.” It is of the work in one of these walled cities that I want to tell you briefly. The Crying Need

“ THE THING WAS DONE SUDDENLY” can locate the verse from ich the above sentence is :en? And who can quote entire verse? Here it is. I want to give it to you in full because it is just as true today as it was when written, and it is such a beautiful sum­ mary of the truly wonderful story I have to tell you. “ And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, because of that which God had prepared for the people: for the thing was done suddenly.” II Chron. 29:36. When God prepares a blessing for any people and then pours out that blessing upon them, great rejoicing always fol­ lows. One of our fundamental princi­ ples is thoroughness. We do not be­ lieve in hasty and superficial work, but when God sees fit to do a great thing, and “ does it suddenly,” who shall say Him nay? Mr. K’ang. leader of our Band No. 3, writes: "The past few months have been just full of trials and difficulties, but even more full of God’s blessing. In the first place, soon after beginning the season’s work I was laid up in a hospi­ tal for some time with a serious illness; then thieves came and stole our cook­ ing utensils. On the road, as we jour­ neyed from one center to another, we met a party of robbers, a signal was given and suddenly robbers appeared on all sides and soon we were surround­ ed by about three hundred bandits who at once began to strip off our clothing and break open our boxes. A young man came forward and knelt down be­ fore them and begged them not to rob us, saying that he knew that we were good men, that we were not merchants, but preachers of the Gospel. The ban­

Oh, do just try to visualize a large, populous, busy city with no church, no READ ABOUT THE NEW SERIES OF

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