King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S



band headquarters, but he comes regu­ larly every evening, rain or shine, to the Bible study class. Even the head official of the city was moved and ac­ cepted Christ as his Saviour, and gave convincing proof of his sincerity. Amazing Results “When the work had gone on to the proper stage the leader of the band notified the missionary in charge of that section and he promptly paid a visit to the city. He was amazed at what he saw and heard. He stayed there a week, spent his mornings with the band, leading their Bible study. In the after­ noons he visited the homes of the pro­ fessed converts and by careful observa­ tion was convinced that all traces of idolatry had been banished; the eve­ nings were devoted to an examination of the converts to test their knowledge of the Word and of the way of salvation. Mr. K’ang writes that his examination was most thorough. The missionary made sure that they fully understood the great atoning sacrifice -of Christ and its relationship to themselves, and as a result of this examination he accepted

preacher, no knowledge of God or Christ or the Gospel. Can you feel the darkness, the awfulness of it? Well, there are still hundreds of such cities in China, hundreds of them, and the story of this city demonstrates how hungry they are for something, and how ready they are to receive the Gospel when it is brought to them. Band No. 3 went to this city and the evangelists began to visit in the homes of the people. Everywhere they were received with the utmost courtesy, and the people seemed to drink in the Gospel as the earth drinks in the rain after a prolonged drought. All classes of people heard and accepted the mes­ sage. Most touching are the stories of the individual cases: A young drug clerk believes, he brings the proprietor of the drug shop to the meetings and leads him to Christ; a well-to-do, scholar believes. As he takes down his idols he finds that they are all eaten by white ants; the neighbors see the worm-eaten idols, their superstition vanishes and they, too, believe; an old man of over seventy lives a mile and a half away from the

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