King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

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explanation is in the form of light from other portions of Scripture. This elim­ inates the views of man almost en­ tirely, and makes the work a true Bible commentary. The method used is the formation of suggestive questions, leaving blank lines for the answers, Scripture refer­ ence being given in every case to sup­ ply the answer. One will find that when he has gone through a chapter by this method, filling out the blanks, he has gained an insight that he never could have gotten by studying com­ mentaries. To be sure, he may some­ times find himself in conflict with pop­ ular teachings, but he will have the Word of God for his position and there is an. end of all argument. The light thrown upon difficult statements will be found marvelous in many cases. Mr. Brooks has put his best- efforts into this work, searching in many instances for hours for references to explain a given difficulty. Hundreds of refer­ ences have been searched out, and the results of ten years’ intensive Bible study are reproduced in this book. The work will be in composition book style. See page 1198 regarding price. The title is “ The Son of Man.” It is Mr. Brooks’ purpose later to produce a com­ panion study entitled “ The Son of God,” covering John’s Gospel by. the same method. These studies will be ideal for Bible classes of all kinds, as the life- and teachings of the Saviour will be thoroughly covered. The questions will be valuable to teachers for use in their classes, and the fact that Scrip­ ture reference is always given for the answer, provides ammunition for the teacher by which discussion can be brought to an end. Send for a copy and try it out in your class, getting each member of the class to do the work. a » Is the King’ s Business in your Public Library? Put it there.

53 for baptism, and one of the, 53 was the head city official who definitely promised that at future celebrations of the Spring and Autumn Festivals he would not bow down before the image or likeness of Confucius. Men of all classes were among the converts, officials, scholars, merchants, mechanics and farmers, all united by faith into this new bond of joyous, lov­ ing brotherhood. They deeded one of the city temples to the missionary society, and speedily raised over $450 local currency, for the repair of the building. The missionary said that i t ' was the most joyous experience of his nearly twenty years of missionary ser­ vice. Mr. K’ang in writing about it says: “ As we see God’s wonderful work in this city we cannot but rejoice and sing praises to the great grace of our God.” A few months ago one of China’s cities buried in the black darkness of heathenism, no gleam of light or hope, no knowledge of God or of Jesus Christ; a Biola Evangelistic Band went there and today in that city there is a self- supporting, living, working, praising church, and “ THE THING WAS DONE SUDDENLY.” Most truly yours in Christ, FRANK A. KELLER. Changsha, Hunan, China, August 7, 1922. ite ¿fc NOTICE TO SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS The International lessons for six months will follow Luke’s Gospel. The Biola Book Room is rushing the com­ pletion of a very practical help cover­ ing these lessons, expecting to have it ready by the time orders are received. Mr. Keith L. Brooks has prepared a verse-by-verse commentary on Luke, of a very unique order. He has found that every statement can be explained by other Scripture references, and all

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