King's Business - 1922-11

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an immediate acceptance of Christ. His companion followed and he too was cor­ nered and eventually professed Christ as his Saviour. In speaking later to the first lad we discovered he considered himself too low and vile for the Lord to accept. David, the adulterer, ' the woman taken in sin, the demoniacal man and the woman out of ~whom seven demons were cast were all cited, as were also the words of our blessed Jesus that none that come will be cast out. The efficacy of His atoning blood, and His power to save and keep, were suffi­ cient to break down every barrier and “He came to Jesus as he was Weary and worn and ^td, He found in Him a resting place And Christ has made him glad.” Prayer Bands Formed Our young men are forming prayer bands and then going out with a testi­ mony which carries conviction. The power of the Holy Spirit is drawing and convicting and many backsliders are being restored. One, notably such, has not only come back but has caught a vision of service and proposes to enter school this fall, the Lord_ willing. Sometimes the soul winner manifests more joy than the babe in Christ. One, with face all aglow, camé in, saying, “ I’ve just had a soul for my hire.” If there is such joy down here, how much more must there be up there in the pres­ ence of the angels! Another follows: “ I, through God’s wonderful grace, have gotten two souls.” This lad had of late grown cold in his quest for souls, but catching the fire from the group of keen

it must make the heart glad to see the increas- mber of wise men who ing out into the high­

ways and hedges and constraining men to come in that the Father’s house may be filled. We naturally expected with the closing of the school term and the exodus of students that there would be a considerable falling off of personal workers around Biola Hall, but we have every reason to thank God for the able workers He has raised up to help us gather in the multitude of fishes com­ ing into our nets during the summer. We were told to discover always a point of contact in our approach to men, and Biola Hall from the very beginning has certainly proven such a point. They seem to sniff the food from afar, for night and day we can always find men, boys and children receptive to eternal realities. While we were giving out the message one day to a large body of intelligent men who stood for over an hour in the hot sun and who gratefully and eagerly grasped the Gospels of John offered, one young man, bearing all the marks of dissipation and defeat, pushed his way through the crowd and stood as close to the speaker as possible. Presently his “ buddy” pushed his way through and pulling him by the sleeve roughly urged him to leave. Shaking him off, *he pressed still closer with eyes glued on the man who was ringing out the story of the cross. Presently a watcher for souls drew him into the hall and faithfully presented the Gospel, urging

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