King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


fishers, he had gone forth with attend­ ant happy results. That God is willing to use anyone to convey the "Water of Life was beautifully illustrated in a mere spiritual babe, and two souls brought through him to Christ was the result of zeal and love in its infancy going out, in His strength made perfect in weakness, while another had the joy of bringing five to the Christ of the Cross, It is a great pleasure to see the keenness of these fishers of men, buying up the opportunities, and although there

may b.e nothing particularly exciting or dramatic in the converts saying, “ I will” to Christ, who can estimate what will eventually come out of it in that day so rapidly approaching when every one shall render an account of himself to God and we who have been wise in the winning of souls, shall receive His blessed commendation? “ Go ye therefore into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in that My house may be filled!” Yet there is room. Who then will go? God’s providence even in this. A large crowd soon gathered, drawn largely by curiosity concerning the magnavox. After a song or two, the Supërintendent of the Jewish Department read a por­ tion of the third chapter of John in Yiddish and then in Yiddish and Eng­ lish gave a number of reasons why a Jew should become a Christian. One of the workers, on seeing how respectful and attentive the crowd was, said in surprise, “Why, I thought we were com­ ing to a rough neighborhood!’! Not only did the large crowd near the ma­ chine listen with keenest interest, but also at various distances within a radius of a block or more, groups of Jewish men and women heard the message. A Bough Neighborhood

WORK AMONG THE JEWS J a m e s A . V a u s , S u p t. — B ib le C la s s e s a n d P e r s o n a l W o r k , S t r e e t M e e tin g s a n d S e m i- M o n th ly M a s s M e e t in g s f o r J e w s o f L o s A n g e le s .

splendid opportunity to bring a Gospel message to a crowd of three hundred or more Jewish men and women was recently

given the workers of the Jewish De­ partment. From time to time it has been our custom to hold street meetings in the various Jewish sections of our city, for the* purpose of reaching the unconverted Jewish people with the life-saving message of the Word of God. From Mr. Strother, a returned mis­ sionary from China, we learned of the possibilities- of reaching a large crowd of people by means of the magnavox. This is an electrical contrivance by which a speaker’s voice is magnified so as to be heard for several blocks. Taking the magnavox, Mr. Strother and two or three other workers, with the' Superintendent of the Jewish De­ partment, went one Saturday .evening to one of the Jewish Districts. A number of hymns were sung, after which, Mr. Strother read the third chapter of John’s Gospel in English, A young Jewish man then approached us and said that the' magnified voice of the speaker was greatly disturbing to. a Jew­ ess who lay ill in a house across the way. So we drove to a second place which proved better for our purpose, showing

At the close, as personal account­ ability to God was stressed and Jesus Christ shown as the only hope of the Jewish nation, the attitude of the crowd changed, as did that crowd when thé martyr Stephen preached, though for­ tunately with less disastrous conse­ quences to the workers. Their attitude of polite tolerance gave way to scoffingr ridicule and derision and it was with difficulty that the speaker’s voice, even though magnified, could be heard above the uproar. After answering a. number LIFE ANNUITY BONDS are BLESSED BONDS

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