King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


of questions, the workers left feeling deeply grateful for haying had such a splendid opportunity to witness to so many unsaved Jews. As we left, the

worker previously quoted observed with unconscious humor, “ Well, that was a rough neighborhood after all, wasn’t it?”

BIBLE WOMEN’S WORK M r s . L y m a n S t e w a r t , S u p t. — T w e n t y - f iv e W o m e n G iv in g F u ll T im e t o H o u s e to H o u s e P e r s o n a l W o r k , B ib le C la s s e s , a n d S o u l W in n in g C lu b s .

|N one of the classes the Bible Woman felt led to speak of the special privilege and re­ sponsibility of praying for those who are closely connected with us, by ties of blood and relationship, quot­ ing among other verses 1 Sam. 12:23, “ God forbid that I should sin. against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you,” and Ps. 6&:6, “ God setteth the solitary in families.” A prayer list was sug­ gested as a help in being both definite and faithful in this labor of love. The next week brought blessed re­ sults, one woman reporting the conver­ sion of a brother for whom she had long been praying, but the prayer list had helped to a more effectual, fervent prayer and it had availed. Another member of the class reported that God had opened the way that she might speak of Him to a member of her family, and for the first time the message was listened to, and even re­ sponded to, and now faith is being exer­ cised that that name too, on a prayer list, may soon be dated and- the words added “ Accepted Him.” “And this is life Eternal that they might know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, Whom Thou hast sent.” John 17:3. This Is the Work of God A member of a Bible class detained SEAMEN’S Our good brother, Mr. F. W. Goyette, who has been doing such splendid work in behalf of the seamen for the last few months, and who is so eminently quali-

the teacher at the close of the class one day to tell her of a brother who had gotten into trouble, and was facing im­ prisonment, and of the Mother in a far away state, who, grief stricken, had appealed for help. He was only a boy, seventeen or eighteen, and the Mother heart of the Bible Woman went out in prayer that he might through this trou­ ble come to the Saviour. She felt led to write him a letter putting before him the claims of Jesus Christ, and giving him the plan of salvation. Months rolled by and receiving no response from the boy, the sister wrote asking about the letter, and finding he had no knowledge of it, we concluded it was lost. ' But we are reminded that the Word shall not return Void unto Him who sent it, but shall accomplish that which He pleases, and so in the case of this letter, God was using it, not where we intended, but where He pleased— and now after nearly a year comes a letter from a new-born soul— filled with re­ joicing and praise—not the boy, but the boy’s mother. She tells us she has read over and over the past year the - letter intended for her boy, and unable to stand it any longer, she opened the door of her heart to the waiting Sav­ iour and now is rejoicing in Him. WORK fled for personal evangelistic work, be­ lieves that God has called him to work in South America. Accordingly, he has departed for New York with the expec-

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