King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S religion of his father.” He was so de­ cided to do so that he would not be changed, but on leaving he said, “ Come as often as you can, for we are so ignorant; we need more instruction.” A Young Men’s Gathering Then in contrast to this case, is that of another young man, who was invited to a Bible class which was studying about sin and the Saviour who bore our sin. In closing the study he was asked if he realized that he was a sinner and if he wished to accept the Saviour. He did so almost immediately and he him­ self asked the Lord to save him, coming out clearly for the Lord. He said one of the young men where he works invited him to come to the class. This is one of the first fruits of a Bible class we winning is great enough anywhere, after one learns the art of being a channel of blessing that the Holy Spirit can use, but its power seems to grow upon one when working among these big-hearted laboring men. The other day the message had been given, and the closing time had come. The men had been urged to come and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Although-^ number were in­ terested, none of them moved. They were then asked to make an appoint­ ment with us, so that we might come to their homes, if they were interested. Several did this, among them a man who seemed quite anxious. His appoint­ ment was for a few days after the next meeting. The whistle blew and we had to leave them. At the next meeting, one of the first men to come was our friend who seemed EACHING men in the shops has a fascination about it to us that few kinds of work have. The fascination of soul­


are having every week at Biola Hall on Main Street for Mexican young men. The young men that gather are those we have won for Christ and they are so enthusiastic about the Scriptures that they asked me if I could not teach them once a week in the city, for, as they ex­ plained, they want to win their friends to Christ. Will not the readers pray for this Bible class that out of it shall come many who will consecrate their lives to His service and thus be helpers together with us in this great work among the thousands of Mexicans in Southern California? In connection with this, please pray that the Lord will raise up the help we need for women and children’s work and the support for the same. so anxious the week before. A conver­ sation was begun, and it was not long until the Holy Spirit let him see what Jesus, our Lord, had done for him. How clear he seemed to be concerning the Word! In a few minutes we had the privilege of hearing him say to the men, “ I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, and I know He saved me.” This is the work God has given us to do. This is the field God has given us to work in. This is the message God has given us to declare, and we want to take this opportunity to thank God for all of His children who make it pos­ sible for us to continue in this field. “ Oh, that men would praise the 'Lord for His goodness, and for His wonder­ ful works to the children of men.” Psa. 107:15. How to Cheer on the Foreign | | Missionaries— Enable us to send 1 | them the King’ s Business. | |

WORK IN THE SHOPS M a r io n H . R e y n o ld s , S u p t. — M e e t in g s h e ld in s h o p s , fa c to rie s , ' c a r- b a r n s a n d f ir e e n g in e h o u s e s in L o s A n g e le s .

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