King's Business - 1922-11



Are You Protected? There is an old Jewish legend that on the night of the exodus from Egypt, a young maiden, “ the first-born of the family,” was dangerously ill. As the midnight hour approached she anxious­ ly inquired, “ Father, are you sure that the blood is on the door-posts?” “ Yes, my child,” he answered, “ I ordered it sprinkled and the servant always obeys.” It lacked at length but a few minutes of the midnight, and once more the. sick girl started up from her uneasy sleep, and asked, “ Are you sure that the blood is there?” The same answer was returned but she remained distressed. At last the father lifted her in his arms and taking a light carried her to the door to see for herself, and, lo, the blood was not there! Hastily the father killed a lamb and with his own hand made sure that the blood was there. Reader, are you sure that the blood of Jesus has been applied to your soul? O, see to it that when death comes it finds your spirit protected by the blood— the precious blood of Jesus! A Paper Sermon One day, it is related, Queen Victoria visited a paper mill. The owner showed her through the works, not knowing who she was, and among other places took her to the rag-room. When she saw the filthy, dirty rags, she ex­ claimed: “How can these ever be made white!” “ Ah, lady,” was the reply, “ I have a chemical process of great power by which I can take the color out of even those red rags.” Before she left he discovered that she was the Queen. A few days after the Queen found

lying upon her writing desk a lot of the most beautifully polished paper slie had ever seen; on each sheet were the letters of her'own name and her like­ ness. There was also a note which read as follows): “Will the Queen be pleased, to accept a specimen of my paper, with the assurance that every sheet was manufactured out of the dir­ ty rags which she saw on the backs of the poor rag-pickers, and I trust the result is such as even the Queen may admire. Will the Queen also allow me to say that I have had many a good sermon preached to me in my mill? I can understand how the Lord Jesus can take the poor heathen, and the vil­ est of the vile, and make them clean, and how though their sins be as scar­ let He cap make them white as snow. And I can see how He can put His own name upon them; and just as these rags transformed may go into a Royal Palace and be admired, so poor sin­ ners can be received into the Palace of the Great King.” Isa. 1:18; Rev. 7:14. TOO MUCH SUNSHINE We all love the sunshine, but the Arabs have a proverb, that “all sunshine makes a desert” ; and it is a matter of common observation that the graces of Christian living are more often apparent in the cases of those who have passed through' great tribulation. God desires to get as rich crops as possible from the soil of our natures. There are certain plants of the Christian life, such as meekness, gentleness, kindness, humility, which cannot come to perfection if the sun of prosperity always shines.—F. B. Meyer.

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