King's Business - 1922-11


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labor for the re-building of Palestine as a homeland. It means that good government will prevail in Palestine, instead of the corrupt Turkish incapaci­ ty of four centuries past. And alongside of Palestine is Syria, where France has now the right to pro­ ceed with her civilizing agencies for the development of the country. Thus the mandate for Syria, granted to France and approved by the League, secures that tranquility and equal op­ portunity for growth in a closely de­ pendent neighboring land which will prove a great aid to the development of Palestine. Once the Arabs quiet down, as they are bound to do when they share the beneficial results of Jewish industrial enterprise, then we may see a great inrush of still more Jews and a vast development of all Palestine, in­ cluding the rich region east of the Jor­ dan. What the outcome will be politi­ cally no one can say. But until the Lord comes the hand of the Gentile must be on Palestine. This is necessary in the opening stages of Jewish coloni­ zation, to prevent the Arabs wiping out the entire Jewish community, and it will certainly he the case when the Antichrist rules in the land. Israel will not jump at once to full control of Palestine. That will never come again while the Jews remain in rebellion against their true Sovereign, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jewry’s Reaction to the Approval Dr. Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Zionist Organization, has declared that the Zionists accept the approval of the Palestine Mandate in a spirit of gratitude. “We are grateful

PALESTINIAN m a n d a t e a p p r o v e d By Thomas M. Chalmers

Y, July 24, 1922, will remain a red letter day s’ memories of the Jewish e. On that day the Coun­

cil of the League of Nations meeting in London, formally approved the man­ dates for Palestine and Syria. They will not come into force, however, until certain questions concerning Syria are settled between France and Italy. When the Council has been notified of such settlement, both mandates will come into immediate operation. It was a notable session at which this conclusion was reached. There were present the Archbishop of Canter­ bury, Monsignor Cerretti, the Papal Nuncio to France, the Arab delegation to Great Britain, and Mrs. Weizmann, wife of the great Zionist leader. £ The negotiations with regard to the Syrian Mandate are proceeding rapidly between France and Italy, and the hope is expressed that a final decision on the question of the Holy Places will be reached at the next meeting of the Coun­ cil. What the Mandates Mean No one who has at heart the cause of justice to the Jews, or who awaits the fulfillment of prophecy regarding their return to their own land, 'can learn without emotion that the Way for this return is now legally opened and confirmed by the League of Nations. It seems that henceforth the Jews who so desire may return to Palestine under the protection of a great power and with the approval of all the great nations of the’ earth. The Jews are now free to

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