King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


dom of its Author is clearly, seen in this book; how wondrous is its unity, the harmony of all its teaching. It is a living, abiding revelation, it has a per­ manent quality. The Holy Spirit also marks the Scriptures with His official distinctiveness. He is the diVine Ad­ ministrator of the absent King, and as such He does not speak of Himself but of Christ and in every part we have the picture of the Saviour in some form or another. In prophecy, ritual, type He points to the Redeemer. If He'convicts of sin, of righteousness and judgment, it is all in relation to Christ. “ Of sin because they believe not on Me: of righteousness because I go to my Fath­ er: of judgment because the prince of this world hath been judged.” Yes, the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus on every page and thus magnifies His office in the Authorship of the book by testifying of Him. The Holy Spirit produces in the de­ vout readers of the sacred volume a conformity to its spirit and teaching. The book sheds forth life after its kind, and true Christians are epistles .known and read of all men, they are living translations of the Scriptures. Having received life by the death of Christ they walk in His steps. Believers are made wise to do the will of God as it is re­ vealed in the written word: they make the Bible the man of their counsel. A character and behavior after the prin­ ciples of God’s Word are produced which are manifested in all the circum­ stances of life. The Holy Spirit demands fellowship with Himself in the study of the Scrip­ tures. There is a tendency within us to read other books rather than the Bible and it seems easier to do so. Is it because the Bible demands a reso­ lute, determined, concentrated, spiritual and mental effort to profitably read and understand it? Doubtless it is so, but when we have thus applied ourselves to

Tke Holÿ Spirit and tke Bible By DR. H. TYDEMAN CHILVERS London |HE Holy Spirit stamps His own divine Personality upon the whole sacred page. It is said that ‘‘a good hook is the life blood of a master spirit.” If that is so then surely the Bible may be described as expressive of the heart and mind of God. The divine utterances vibrate through human speech, tones and writ­ ing. Dr. Parker says: “ The Bible is not a hook containing a revelation, it is a revelation accepting the limits and risks of a book.” This sacred volume is not a mere collection of beautiful and glittering ideas hut the reflection of the divine life. Among the divine works of art produced by the Holy Ghost the infallible document of the sacred scriptures takes the pre-eminence. It is His masterpiece, the dome of all His work. It claims our attention, demands our allegiance. The Bible bears the personal stamp of the Holy Spirit. It carries the Im­ press of His Deity and throbs with the life of God. The divine life and thought cannot be separated and in the Word we have both. I am told I should approach the Bible as I do any other book. This I am unable to do, for it Is no other'than the sacred revelation of God’s mind. I may be master of many books but servant of this one. The holiness of the Spirit is imprinted on every page, truly they are the “Holy Scriptures.” We are told that the book records immoral deeds. True, but no one but the Holy Spirit would have re­ corded them as He has in such a volume. The chasteness of the Bible is one of its outstanding features. The perfect wis­

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