King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S own will is done instead of His. All this is open to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. He sees it now, but at His tribunal He will manifest it to us. Perhaps we are contented if we pass well with fellow-men, if we pass for being upright or spiritual among fellow-believers, whilst in the secret of our hearts His Word is not controlling us, and we seek not our counsels from Him. All this will be tested and mani­ fested when He comes. He knows now all Qur crookedness, all our lack of faith and love, all the hypocrisy of our ways. Does He give us up because of these things? No! Hef may rebuke us, He may chasten us, but never will He surrender one name upon His breastplate. He died for us, He lives for us, He maketh intercession for us, He will save unto the uttermost. It is perfect judgment combined with perfect love that we have to do with. And after all the testing and manifest­ ing of the judgment- seat, what will be the result? “ Then shall every man have praise of God." Mark, it is not “ then shall every man be praising God”— but then shall every man be receiving praise of God. “What!” you say, “ Will God praise His people?” Yes, with all their faults, and sins, and rebellions, He will yet find something in everyone to praise. Take up the New Testament, and mark how the Spirit of God refers to the Old Testament believers. We read of Da­ vid’s knowledge of the heart and ways of God, when he took the shewbread and ate it (Matt. 12:4), but not of the lies and deceit recorded in that same chapter (I Sam. 21). We read of Solo­ mon’s wisdom and glory, but not of his folly and shame. We read of Sarah calling her husband “ lord” (I Peter 3 :6), but not of her laugh of unbelief recorded in the very same verse (Gen. 18:1,2). We read of the faith of Isaac when he blessed Jacob and Esau (Heb. 11:20), but not of his love of venison

1151 that well-nigh led him to rebel against God. We read of the faith of Abraham, but not of his unbelief in going down into Egypt and saying that Sarah was his sister. Thus God delights to blot out the past. He has mentioned once their sins, and / He will never refer to them again. So at the coming tribunal, the manifestation will be complete, thor­ ough, final.' The judgment will be pro­ nounced in perfect righteousness. What is of God will be mentioned to our eternal praise, what is of the flesh will be consumed and done with. Then will rewards be granted, the prizes distri­ buted, the positions of honor appointed in the coming kingdom, according to faithfulness here: ’ “ Then shall every man have praise of God.” Let us now seek to walk under the eyes of Him who says, “ I know thy works.” Fellow-saints may praise us and think well of us when even our own hearts condemn us, and again they may blame us and condemn us, when we know that their judgment is not just. Blessed it is to be able to look up into the face of Him that judgeth right­ eously and appeal to Him. It is a very small matter to be judged by man. Even in my judgment of myself I may greatly err. May we from this time earnestly seek to live in prospect of that day when each one of us shall give ac­ count of himself and of all his ways to God. Keeps the Devil on the Jump One of our subscribers who has evi­ dently been reading some of the popular attacks upon “Fundamentalists,” writes as follows: “I need The King’s Business and the help of that ‘violent Torrey- and that awful Haldeman, and ‘Hot House’ Myers and such like men, as I am an old- time red-hot believer, a preacher of the old Word, and I love to keep the devil on the jump.”



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