King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S 1099 Church, North, have ‘taken a positive and open position that no pre-millen- nif hs1t l s | J5? assigned to any church under their control, and that no teacher who holds this pernicious doctrine shall be allowed to teach in their schools. It is taboo. According to their reasoning, it is a dangèrous, destructive and damnable doctrine and begets a lazy, indifferent, star-gazing constitu- ency who do nothing but sit and gaze at the heavens waiting for some sign oi the Lord s return ; an idle, indolent, insipid and irresponsible people who will not open their churches for moving pictures, card parties or dances, nor take any part in the great “ uplift” program of the church! OI course, they do admit that some men who held these pernicious doctrines and who have gone to their reward were well-meaning men, such as Wes­ ley, Spurgeon, Hudson Taylor, George Mueller, A. J. Gordon, A. T. Pierson, dames H. Brookes, Chapman, D. L. Moody; but men like Mark Matthews, Johp Timothy Stone, Biley, Gray, Torrey, Dixon, Myers* Norris, Massee, Straton, Munhall are all poor, misguided men who have lost all interest in , human affairs and are just sitting around wondering when the Lord will Ci meVn0^mT16 caPa^^e of filling the pulpit of an up-to-date, modem church. These ecclesiasts, of course, will accept a man who is a Modernist and who may deny the authority of the Word of God. In fact, they would consider that merely an evidence of superior scholarship. We challenge a show of hands. Let the Modernists prepare a list of names to put alongside of a list of preachers and teachers who have held the pre-millennial doctrine, which we will gladly publish, and let the church decide which character of preachers and teachers they want. If the doctrine is dangerous and tends to lessen the love of the saints tor sinners, and to dissipate their desire to save them; if the effect of this teaching is to promote sectarianism and to produce self-satisfied, indifferent followers of our Lord; if they can prove that the pre-millennial doctrine mini­ mizes rather than magnifies the importance of giving the Gospel to the world—we will he glad to publish the facts, for we want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Our appeal is two-fold. First, and always, to the Word of God. Sec- ond, to the work of God. And if there is proof that the Bible does not teach the doctrine of our Lord’s return before the millennium, and if belief m this doctrine does not give increased, desire to devote the life to the spread-of the Gospel and to a life of self-denial and glad sacrifice, these brethren should be able to produce the proof and put to shame the pre- millennialists. ' Corné on, brethren, produce the proof. __T. C. H.


John Boach Straton, pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, of New York City, has an article in “ The Beligious Searchlight” on “ The New Infidelity m Baptist Theological Seminaries,” and asks, “ Should f r-

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