King's Business - 1922-11

1100 THE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S Dr Straton has made a remarkable analysis of the subtle and seduc­ tive methods of the radicals in the Baptist ranks who are seeking to de­ stroy the faith of the faithful and throws light upon the methods employed in the Indianapolis Convention to deceive the delegates. The article is well worth reading and we commend it to our brethren who are members of other denominations but who are being subjected to the same ecclesiastical sleight-of-hand performance through which they are persuaded that the maneuvers of the machine are all for the glory o± Cod, when—as a matter of fact—they are being run m the interest ot the little “ popes” who are lording it over God’s people. Thank God for such men as Dr. Straton. Every honest Baptist should send for copies of this paper and broad­ cast them among his people. Address E. C. Miller, President Magnolia Metals Co., 115 Bank Street, New York City. —T. C. H. ' . Kj &V-C. . tBBSS THE TIGER FROM TEXAS t , I H * . n ^ We cannot help admiring a bold, fearless defender of the Word ot God, and certainly Gold has a stalwart in Dr. J. Frank Norris, of Ft. Wor , Texas a genial, warm-hearted Christian gentleman, with a vein oi humor that is enjoyable and a personality that is charming. He is what is desig­ nated among men as a real man. BHi m W M Dr. Norris spent the month of August in the Church of the Open Door. August is the “ warm month” in California, but the'attendance has been from three to four thousand at -every service. Dr. Norris is known as the pastor of the church and Sunday School with the largest membership of any in the country. He has had years of fighting experience m his home city m connection with his church work, and celebrated his fourteenth anniversary the second Sunday in September. „ .. „ Dr Norris has enemies—good enemies. They have no use tor him. tie is a nuisance to them. We do not know all about these enemies, hut we do know that some of them are of the kind that every true Christian man, and especially a Christian preacher, ought to have; such enemies as the apostles had; such enemies as our Lord had. . . The ecclesiasts cannot hind him. He has God-given convictions and he gives utterance to them. He is a fearless leader of the kind God has always had to have, and God never needed such leaders more than He does today. But Dr. Norris is a Bible man also, and it is in this one thing he sur­ prised us most. He stood one Sunday morning before nearly four thousand people, with Bible in hand and simply said, “ I am not going to preach. I am going to teach.” He said the enemies of the doctrine of the premilien- nial coming of our Lord insist that there are no predictions of that event in the Old Testament. 11But, ’ ’ said he, “ I will read from the Book of Isaiah, and quietly he read, turning from chapter to chapter for thirty-five minutes, reading the prophecies foretelling the coming days. No one showed any signs of restlessness. No one went out. On another Sunday he did the same thing concerning the doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. Dr. Norris is giving a wonderful illustration in his own church of the value of the Bible by insisting that every teacher and scholar in the school carry a Bible on Sunday and use it in the service. —T. C. H.

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