King's Business - 1922-11

T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S


but it was needful that he ^remain on earth for a season that his work might be completed. “ Go home,” was thp reply of Jesus; “ show what great things God hath done unto thee.” Jestis is God. Jesus wrought the miracle. He has the power to deliver from Satan’s power. “ Go, testify among your friends and neigh­ bors. Go, be a witness.” And this he did throughout the whole city. The greatest need of the church and of the sin-sick, perishing world, is wit­ nesses who can tell what great things Christ has done for them. First, a spir­ itual experience of His matchless grace and power in the life of the witness, then the public testimony to all people. Was it right for Jesus to permit the demons to take possession of the swine? Some have'questioned; some have crit­ icized. The keeping and tending of swine- was contrary to Jewish 1 law at this period. Jesus did not command the demons to enter the swine, but did not forbid them. He commanded them to come out of the man and suffered them to enter into the swine. QUESTIONS: (1) What imperative moved Jesus to go across the sea? .(Luke 2:49; John 4:4.) (2) Who is the great enemy of Je­ sus, and why? (Gen. 3:15.) (3) Why does he hate Christ and Christians? (Rev. 20:1-3, 10.) (4) Has he power over the lives of men? (.1 Pet. 5:8.) (5) What did Jesus say to the Phar­ isees about their parentage? (John 8 : 44.) ( 6 ) Who are subject to the devil, and why? (Rom. 6:13-16.) (7) Who alone can deliver from the devil’s power? (Acts 10:38.) ( 8 ) What is the admonition j to us concerning the devil? (1 Pet. 5:8-11.)

Where do they desire to go? : Into the hogs. Of what are they afraid? Ot the deep. - What Is the deep? (Rev, 20: 1-3). The eternal home of demons, and God-defying, Christ-denying men, ■sphere Satan and h is ' BUDjects must spend eternity. (3) THE DELIVERANCE OF THE MAN AND DESTRUCTION OF THE SWINE, vs. 33-37. “ Then went the demons out.” They entered into the swine and the swine committed suicide by drowning themselves in the lake. Satan is wise and cunning, hut his power is limited. A Roman legion numbered 6000. This number divided among 2000 hogs would give three demons to a hog and that was more than even a hog could Stand. The news of the disaster spread and a great crowd assembled to see the de­ mon-possessed now self-possessed, and the bodies of thei swine floating in the water. “ And they were afraid” and besought Christ to depart. Swine were of greater value to them than a soul restored to normalcy, and so it is to­ day. There are many methods and de­ vices I and human laws designed and operated for the preservation of human lives, for which we rejoice. But there is but one way by which the souls of men can be saved, and that is counted of but small value by the multitude who have but little use for the Son of God as the Saviour of souls (John 14:- 6 ) : “Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (4) THE DESIRE OF THE DELIV­ ERED, and DENIAL BY THE LORD, vs. 38, 39. “ Besought Him that he might be with Him.” The demon-possessed man, once a terror to the neighborhood, now clothed and in his right mind, desired to go with the Saviour. This was natural and desirable. So Paul desired to de­ part and be with Jesus in the glory,

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