King's Business - 1922-11

T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S The experience recorded in vs. 22-39 shows the Lordship of Jesus over the forces of nature, over the powers of evil and over the redeemed life. He called the disciples inv DEVOTIONAL to this trial, (v. 22). .COMMENT He acted for a time as F. W. Farr though their peril was of no moment to Him (v. 23). His way is in the whirlwind and the clouds are the dust of His feet. When the need is greatest He will re­ buke the storm and there will be a great calm. It takes adversity to reveal His power. Jesus and the disciples had no sooner landed than a demon-possess­ ed man rushed upon them as though he would drive them into the sea. With a word the Lord commanded the evil spirits and they came out of the man. The demons could not even enter into the herd of swine without His permis­ sion. Why are evil spirits inhabiting men and women while beasts are free? It is because human beings welcome them and the beasts do not. These poor swine straightway committed sui­ cide rather than be the dwelling place of unclean spirits. There are people today actually consulting and invoking the aid and presence of evil spirits through mediums and seances. There is no demon that Christ can not expel. He is Master of all the powers of dark­ ness. His dealing with the man who had been delivered and restored illustrates His sovereignty over the redeemed life. The prayer that the man offered seems most fitting. One might feel surprise that it was not granted but Christ as­ sumes the right to deny the requests of His people. He has promised to answer all our prayers but He has not promised to answer them in the affirm­ ative. “ No” is as truly an answer as “ Yes.” He is too wise and good to grant us all the things we ask for. He also appoints our field of labor. “ Go home to thy friends.” He knows where


we can bear the most effective testi­ mony to His transforming power. The home circle is surely the best place where, such witness-bearing should be­ gin, He also gives the message, “ Tell them how great things the Lord hath .done for thee.” Sometimes a, convert of the Gadarean type is fond of telling what things the devil has done for him until he begins to boast of his past wickedness. The less said about one’s past life the better. The wonder is not that God should save a drunkard, a bur­ glar or a murderer but that He should save a sinner. It is enough to pour into His ears the record of our sin. What sublime faith the Saviour had in the power of His Gospel! We might have felt as if this convert should be placed on probation or at least we might have appointed a committee to look after him and prevent a possible relapse. The Master sends him unpledged and unattended into the abounding iniquity of Gadara. He had kindled a fire in his soul that all the powers of darkness could not extinguish. We can no more keep ourselves than we can save our­ selves. We must believe in a Saviour who is mighty to save and a Saviour who is able to keep (2 Tim. 1:12). v. 27. There met him. In the de­ moniac coming to meet Jesus and yet entreating to be let alone, we have a picture of a divided consciousness, an instinctive feel- COMMENTS FROM ing that He was MANY SOURCES . the D e liv e r e r , Keith L. Brooks and a sense of the awful gulf between the evil nature and the Son of the Most High God..—Calvin. A certain man. Our Lord has shown Himself the pacifier of the tumults in the outward world, but there is something wilder and more fearful than the waves and winds in their fiercest moods', even-the spirit of man when'it has yielded itself to be his organ who brings Confusion

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