King's Business - 1922-11


T HE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

able to do more. He becomes a preach­ er of salvation to ten cities. Jesus found a demoniac at Gadara and He left a missionary.— Laidlaw. We are not taken out of the world but sent to wit­ ness to it and against it.—--Meyer. v. 39. Show how - great things. Manifest the new life. Compare Mark’s account (Mk. 5 :19 ): “ Go home and tell,” the testimony of the lips.—-Garry. This command valuably illustrates one of the reasons why our Lord command­ ed reticence in other instances. To the region vof Gadara He did not intend to return and therefore the proclamation of a miracle would not cause Him to he surrounded by curious . crowds who would hamper His work.— Farrar. Pub­ lished throughout the city. If demons could possess a man with such ppwer, what may not Christ do through us when our lives are absolutely controlled by Him?—Devo. Com. Jesus Brings a Little Girl Back to Life. Luke 8:49-56. Memory Verse.— “ The Lord is gra­ cious and merciful.” Psa. 111:4. Approach.— Good morning, children! We all look so happy this morning, and I know by your bright eyes that you feel well. How good it is to be well and strong and how BEGINNERS thankful we should AND PRIMARY be for health and Mabel L. Merrill strength. Frank, we know, is very thank­ ful that he is well again and able to be out and come to Sunday School, for he has been so sick. Today we have a story about a little girl who lived on, earth when Jesus was living down here. Let us bow our heads and thank Jesus for making Frank well again, and for the health and strength of each one of us. Lesson Story.— Last week we heard about Jesus going about among the peo­ ple helping them and healing the sick,

is a lower depth than the animal nature and even swine feel uncomfortable when the demon is in them, and in their panic rush anywhere, to get rid of the incubus,—Willcock. If it be asked whether this was not a destruction of property, the answer is that the ante­ dating of the death of a herd of unclean animals was nothing compared with the deliverance of a human soul. Our Lord would have a moral right ,to act thus even if He had been a mere human prophet. Jesus did not command the spirits to enter into the swine. If He permitted anything which resulted in their destruction, it was to serve higher and more precious ends.— Farrar. v. 37. Besought Him to depart. How many a community there is .today where, when they find the religion of Jesus Christ interfering with their unlawful trade, they are anxious to get Him out of the community as quickly as possi­ ble.— Torrey. How hard it is to recog­ nize the hand of God in anything which interrupts our present enjoyment, brings us loss in any way, interferes with our worldly prosperity. We overlook the actual blessings which mingle with the most afflicting dispensations.— Burgon. Need we wonder that to those who per­ sist for a whole lifetime in saying to the Saviour, “ Depart from us,” He should, wearied out at length, Himself say, in the end, “ Depart from me” ?^Morison. And He went. For other instances of prayers fatally granted see Exodus 10: 28, 29; Numbers 22:20 and Psalm 78: 29-31. On the other hand, a refused boon is sometimes a blessing (2 Chron. 12:8, 9).-^-Camb. Bible. v. 38. The man besought Him. Perhaps his motive was fear of a re­ lapse.-—Calvin. Jesus sent him away. The saved man must ffrst be sent to his own house and friends. Let all grace from Christ begin to tell at home. If it cannot win its way there it lacks some of its vital force. Doing this as his Lord bade him, he would soon be

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