King's Business - 1922-11

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disciples and the father and mother of the little girl, and went into the room where she lay. And He took her by the hand, and said, “ I say to thee, Arise.” And the child, who was twelve years of age, arose and walked. Then Jesus told the father and mother to give the child some food. O, boys and girls, was that not the happiest home in all, the world that day? We have wonder­ ful doctors- today, but do you know of any doctor who Can bring dead people back to life again? No, there is only One who can make dead people alive, and that One is Jesus our Lord. And just think, children, all who belong, to Jesus are going to live ^forever with Him in heaven. How glad we should be that we know this same Jesus who brought this little girl back to life, and you know we can meet her in heaven and ask her all about this time we are hearing about today. Our memory verse tells us the Lord is gracious and merciful. That He feels sorry for all who are in trouble or suf­ fering, and He loves to help them. (Make this story real to the children.) Closing Prayer. Dear Lord Jesus, we thank Thee for our health and strength, and help us to love and serve Thee faithfully. JOHN WESLEY’S PRAYER Deliver me, O God, from too in­ tense an application to even nec­ essary business. I know how this dissipates my thoughts from the one end of all my business and impairs that lively perception I would ever retain of the standing at Thy right hand. I know that an eager attention to earthly things leaves no room for the things of'heaven. O teach me to go through all my employments with so truly disengaged a heart that I may see Thee in all things.

and we- remember it because He loves everybody, and when we truly love peo­ ple we want to help them all we can. In our story today Jesus is in a city, and while He was there one of the rulers of the church came to Him, and kneeling down at His feet, begged Him earnestly, saying, “ My little girl is sick and ready to die: I pray Thèe come and lay -Thy hands on her, that she may live.” The father of the little sick girl knew Jesus was God’s Son and had power to cure sick and do many things that no one else could do. Jesus started with His disciples to go to the home of the little sick girl, but such crowds of people followed and crowded around Him. Among them was a woman who had been sick for a number of years, and had spent all her money for doc­ tors, yet she was no better, but rather grew worse. When she saw the crowd and heard that Jésus was there, she hurrieâ to the place where He was. She pushed her way through the crowd, came up behind Him, and touched Him; as soon as she did this she was cured -of her sickness. | Right away Jesus knew what had happened, and He looked around to see who had touched Him. At first the poor woman was afraid, but Jesus told her not to be afraid, because her faith in Him had made her well. While he was talking to the woman, a messenger came to the -ruler, saying his daughter was dead, and not to trouble Jesus any further. Now we know how sad this father felt when he heard Bis little girl was dead; but listen to what Jesus said to him, “ Fear not; only have faith, and she shall live.” When they came to the ruler’s home, Jesus saw all the people crying, and He told them not to cry, for the little girl was going to live again. But they would not believe Him, and laughed Him to scorn. Then Jesus put all the people out and took three of His

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