King's Business - 1922-11

T HE K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S ing with the other boys. Of course these people liked their new home in Califor­ nia with its nice warm sunshine and pretty flowers, but more than all this because their little boy was getting well and strong. They remembered another family back in the old home town in which there was a little girl who was sick, and now boys and girls, what do you think they did? Of course they wrote them a letter and many letters telling them all about their new home, and yes, best of all, that their little boy was getting well and strong just like other boys. They had received a great blessing, and they wanted their friends to share the same blessing with them. Lesson Story.E-Frank, can you tell me what happened in our story last week when a great crowd was follow­ ing Jesus? Then, after this, to whose home did Jesus go? (Review lesson emphasizing Jesus’ power because He was God’s Son.) Now, Jesus loved everybody and wanted to help and save all the people, but there were so many places to go that He appointed seventy men who believed and trusted Him, to go out as missionaries and tell others about Jesus. He told them there were so many people who did not know any­ thing about Jesus, and were lost, be­ cause no one can save us from our sin but Jesus, and if we did not know Jesus we could not come to Him and have our sins forgiven. So Jesus asked these men to go out two by two into all the towns and cities and preach the gospel to every one, that is, tell them of Jesus and how He came to be their Saviour to save them from their sins. Jesus told these men to go into the homes where they went, and if the people would not listen to the wonder­ ful gospel story, to leave those people and go on to others, and tell every one that He (Jesus) loved them and wanted to save them from their sins. These seventy men were faithful missionaries

1178 things did Jesus, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not con­ tain the books that should be written” (Jn. 21:35).— Godet. v. 14. At the judgment. An impor­ tant verse as proving the intermediate state of human souls. The guilty in­ habitants of these cities had received their temporal punishment (Gen. 19: 24, 25) but the final punishment was yet to come.— Camb. Bible. v. 15. Thrust down to hell. When our Lord uttered this' woe these cities on the shores of Gennesaret were bright and populous and prosperous. Now they are desolate heaps of ruins in a miserable land. The inhabitants who lived thirty years later may have re­ called these woes in the unspeakable horrors of slaughter and conflagration which the Romans then inflicted on them.— Farrar. v. 16. He that heareth you heareth me. This is a remarkable commenda­ tion of the outward ministry. Our con­ fidence is established and all doubt is removed when we learn that the testi­ mony of our salvation when delivered to us by men whom God has sent is not less worthy of credit than if His voice resounded from heaven.— Calvin. Jesus Sends Out Seventy Helpers. Luke 10:1-5, 17. Memory Verse.— “ Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15. Approach.— Some time ago a father and mother and their two little chil­ dren who lived back in a cold, rainy country came to California to live. The little boy was not BEGINNERS very strong when AND PRIMARY they came, but in a Mabel L. Merrill little while t h e parents noticed that he was growing stronger every day, and really enjoyed running and play-

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