King's Business - 1922-11


We Are Depending ON Every Member of tke King’s Business Family AND E^ery Friend of tke Family To Help Us Reach the 100,000 Goal Tke King’s Business Makes an Ideal Ckristmas Gift For TH E IND IV IDU AL THE P A S T O R THE S. S. SUPER INTENDENT THE S. S. TEA CH ER N o Sunday) School could make a better Christmas gift to its teachers than a subscription to The King’s Business for each o f them. Some o f the largest and most successful Sunday Schools in the country} are using the magazine in place o f a Teachers’ Quarterly; some give it to all their Adult Scholars, and still others use it as a Home Department Help. It Has a Doctrinal Standard as Old as the Bible, and a Sane, Strong, Scriptural Message "We are seeking to make it better and better. Read about the new series o f Sunday School Lessons on page 1105 . See Our Special Christmas Offer and then Get Busy M OW Get Busy

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