King's Business - 1922-11

T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S Another Fool Enterprise The governor of Shansi Province, China, has sense enough to know that something is wrong with the human heart for he has instituted a heart­ cleaning society which holds meetings under official direction throughout the province on Sunday mornings. In Tai- yan, the capital, a self-examination hall, seating 3,000 persons, has been built. It is like a church both within and without, and there is organ music. It will not take him long to learn that it needs some higher power to clean out the human heart. Christ alone is the power of God in the soul. There are thousands in our own land who know it no better than this poor Chinaman. What A Belief! The Bible Champion reports the fol­ lowing: Prof. T. C. Chamberlain, of the University of Chicago, says that geologic formations show that our globe is between 70,000,000 and 150,- 000,000 years old. A difference of 80 million years isn’t much. He has got the thing down a little finer than Pro­ fessor William Duane, of the Harvard Medical School, who says the earth’s age is between 8,000,000 and 1,700,- 000,000 years. A difference of a billion and six hundred and ninety-two million years need not be considered. It is a relief to have this question so definite­ ly settled. Now let these gentlemen answer the long-time, brain-teasing question, “ How old is Ann?” Serious Conditions The Eastern Methodist says that a minister who has given careful study to church statistics, has given the fol­ lowing startling facts about conditions in the churches: (a) “ One-half the members of the majority of churches have no church-going habit. They at­ tend services very seldom. Over one- half of Christ’s army are in their tents while the battle is going on.” (b) “ Three-fourths of the church do not

1182 By Their Fruits

Here is a strange statement coming from Bouck White, the Socialist agita­ tor who gained much notoriety in New York during the late war: “ The schools and pulpits where the ‘higher criticism’ of the Scriptures is taught, are semina­ ries of social revolution.” Mr. White goes on to trace his power as a radical to the New ' Theology. Christianity and Colleges A striking article appeared in the Literary Digest some weeks ago under the title “ College Lack of Religion.” It recites the fact that, most of the colleges were founded to provide Christian edu­ cation and that distinct Christian phil­ osophy has now well nigh died out in them. ‘ Clear-cut biblical instruction is rare. The article says that in colleges where vital Christianity is still taught, the professors who both teach and ex­ emplify it are those most loved and honored by the student body. It Won’t Hold Out Those who are trying to carry on foreign missionary work under New Theology teachings should learn a les­ son from the Unitarians. We are not surprised to read that their prestige and influence in Japan have diminished in proportion to their liberal views and practices. Starting as a Japanese Unitarian Association, they later became the Liberial Christian Association of Japan; but the latter name proved “ too limiting a phrase,’.’ or, as we see it, failed to win the desired recruits, so the name, and not the method, was changed. Either the “ Liberal Associa­ tion” was too liberal to attract, or not liberal enough. At any rate, the Uni­ tarian missionary is returning home, the property of the original “ American Unitarian Association” is being sold, and work under the name of that or­ ganization is being discontinued.

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