King's Business - 1922-11

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STUDENTS — Kindly communicate with Miss Elfreda Stein, B. I., the com­ piler of these notes. A number o f the attractive posters re­ cently put out by the Bible Institute are still on hand. These are suitable fo r dis­ play in church vestibules or other public places and may be had free of charge upon request sent to Miss Stein, K ing’s Business Office. . We quote the follow in g from the Pacific Mutual Magazine, concerning the Institute chimes: “In the rush and roar o f your daily life in this human bee-hive we call the Pacific Mutual Building, does the music of the noonday chimes played just around the corner reach your ears and perhaps lighten your burden w ith the sweetness of their songs? In the whole city of Los Angeles there is perhaps no more beautiful tribute to the spiritual and cultural side of life than the contribution o f music that comes to all so freely each noontide, if w e w ill but give ourselves a moment to stop and listen. And is it not worth while to allow the melody that touches the heart to sway over the mem ­ ory for the few moments that w e are allowed to enjoy the music? ♦ . * * So many, many things that have been worth while in all of our lives have been to the accompaniment of music. Why not give them a thought now and then and allow the heart to keep tender in the mid_st of life ’s worribs, perplexities and rush?” The Bible women have had a welcome addition to their circle in Mrs. J. L. P er­ kins, who comes to them from Cornelia, Georgia. She is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and has had charge of Bible teaching in general evan­ gelistic work. Mrs: Perkins is a splendid Bible teacher, a prayer w arrior and a soul winner. May the Lord graciously bless her m inistry here. Miss Elsie Hammarlund, *17, was mar­ ried to Mr. Vincent Steffan on July 20, 1922, at Mt. Hermon, Calif. Carl T. Carlson, ’19, was married on June 5 to Miss Clara M. Anderson at Quito, Ecuador. Mr. Carlson is now w ork ­ ing among the Indians at Otavalo, Imba- bura, and asks fo r prayer that he may soon acquire the Quichua language. Miss Barbara Sqhleidt, *21, and Joseph Sanders,*’21, were united in marriage on September 8, at Los Angeles. Joseph W. Lucas, *20 was married to Miss Daisy Jeffery, o f Calgary, on August 25, at the home o f Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Pearce in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Lucas have gone to Ganado, Arizona, where Mr. Lucas has fo r some time been at w ork among the Navajos. Miss Agnes Ramsdale, *21, and Lew is A. W ickens, ’21, were married on August 22 at Alhambra, Calif.

Miss Mildred S. Nichols, *20, was married to Mr. E. Carlton Dewey, on August 30, at Hermon, N. T. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey w ill make their home in Los Angeles for the present, as Mr. Dewey expects to enter the Institute with the opening of the fall term. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Robie o f W illiamson, N. Y., announce the birth o f a son, W alter Keith, on August 2. A son, Clinton Cordell, was born to Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Holland o f L on g Beach, Calif., on July 27. MiSfe Edna Vickstrom , ,’20, who has been engaged in young t people’s w ork at Mt. Hermon, Calif., during the summer, ex pects to enter Occidental College this fall. Miss Ruby Triplett, ’21, is planning to enter Occidental College, also. Miss Hattie Cope, ’22, is attending A sh­ land College, Ashland, Ohio. Miss Lillian Curtis, ’19, who is connected with the offices o f the A frica Inland M is­ sion in Brooklyn, N. Y., is spending a va ­ cation of two months in Los Angeles. Miss Ivy May Sweeney, *19, is planning to take .p ost graduate w ork at Moody Institute this winter. Mrs. Lillian Crowell, ’21, has been a c­ cepted by the Orinoco R iver Mission for w ork in Venezuela. She w ill leave for the field just as soon as the way is opened and the necessary funds are provided. L. C. Robie writes that he w ill open his fa ir evangelistic work in a big tent at Erieville, N. Y., and w ill then g o on to Brookfield, N. Y., fo r a union campaign. Mr. and Mrs. John C. W inston have gone to Belgium to engage in the w ork of the Belgian Gospel Mission conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Norton. A correspondence student at Florence, Arizona, writes o f the great blessing he has received through the Bible Beginner’s course, by Mr. K. L. Brooks. He also speaks, in terms o f highest praise, o f the consecrated life and labors of Miss Helen P. Randell, a graduate o f the Bible Insti­ tute,' who has been doing Christian w ork in hospital and prison at Florence. A dispatch from LaPaz, Bolivia, states that it is expected that the case o f Ken­ neth W. Pow lison w ill soon be ^dismissed and that he has been released oh his own recognizance.

Mr. Pow lison has w ritten from prison at San Pedro, o f the Lord’s strengthening and com fort during the time of great trial, and o f how he entered into the depths of the meaning o f Phil 3:10. He says in part: YOU CAN HELP US REACH THE 100,000 GOAL.

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