Perfect Spaces Catalog

Policies and Procedures

Concealed Missing, Damaged or Defective Parts Policy (continued): ● No parts will be replaced at no charge without sales order # and photo

● Double-Hang Areas: Allot 40” height for each hanging area to avoid clothes from dragging below. ● Single Hang: 72” hanging area suitable for long “to the floor” dresses or long coats.

● Mid Hang: 60” hanging area suitable for long jackets and similar length items. ● WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA has 48 hours to review the request. WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA will notify customer at this time as to the outcome of the review. If the item(s) are to be replaced at WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA'S expense, they will be shipped within 48 business hours of notice. ● WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA will ship all replacement/missing items via standard ground shipment or LTL at WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA'S discretion. ● Shelving: Typically, 12-14” high; generally 7-8 shelves per section. ● Shoe Shelves: Should be 7-9” tall for average shoes to fit ● WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA cannot be held responsible for any cost including labor accrued during the installation of any of its products sold via any channels of distribution. This includes, but is not limited to, items that may be flawed or have been damaged in transit. ● Please click here or go to send us a list of any items or parts that have been damaged in transit. ● Please click here or go to send us a list of any items or parts resulting from concealed damage that need to be replaced. ● Please click here or go to send us a list of any items that are missing from your crate and need to be shipped. ● All written quotations of price ("Quote") made by Warehouse Distributors USA will be valid for a period of thirty (30) days, without exception, from the date of the Quote generated by WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA. Under no circumstances will WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS USA honor verbal quotations of price. Taxes ● All sales tax, excise taxes, or other forms of taxes levied against this transaction shall be paid by Buyer over and above all other sums ● Buyer is or may become obligated to pay hereunder. These taxes are in addition to the purchase price of the products subject to an order. ● Full Shelf sections: Typically have 11-12 shelves per 87” section ● Shoe fence standard lengths are 18”, 24”, and 30”. If any other shoe fence width is required shoe fences must be cut by the dealer/installer on site. ● Standard drawer widths are 18”, 24”, 28”, and 32”. Custom widths are available. ● Standard drawer depths are 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 22”. Custom drawer depths are not available. (Important note, the 24” deep office drawer bases get 22” deep drawer glides) ● Islands must be designed with backs. This includes double sided islands. ● Units that have multiple doors, where doors are hinged side by side should be designed with a double partition (Vertical panel) to insure stability and full opening of the doors. ● If the cost on your design suddenly jumps to millions of dollars it means you have asked for something that is not available in the program at its current settings. (This commonly occurs with shoe fence hardware choices and baseboard notching behind a drawer bank) ● If you are exempt from tax, an original signed tax exemption certificate must be submitted to Warehouse Distributors USA. Without a valid signed tax exemption certificate on file at Warehouse Distributors USA all applicable taxes will be charged to the Buyer.


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