Russell & Lazarus - April/May 2020

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April/May 2020


TURNING A NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE Improving and Providing Through COVID-19

It is hard not to address what is going on right now. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the world. Many businesses are closing for days or weeks at a time, and some are even going out of business. The normal hustle and bustle has suddenly ceased. With both foot traffic and vehicle traffic down, there are virtually no accidents, and while that’s a very good thing, it is a concern for how we continue to staff our team and all of the other issues that arise when a business model is threatened by something not within the business's control. If no accidents or fewer accidents were always the case, I would be very happy with that. It would mean fewer people are getting hurt. And although we help injured people, we could just pivot to another consumer- oriented area of law. However, as it stands now, we need to make sure the business of our practice continues to thrive and, more importantly, continues to provide our clients with the service, communication, and results that they and their claims deserve. I have spent 60-plus years on this planet, and whenever I’ve had a significant change take place in my life, it has been for the better. As humans, we don’t like change — we create routines for ourselves and like staying in our bubbles for as long as we possibly can. That adage, “Don’t fix what ain’t broke,” is completely true when it comes to how most of us live our lives. The downside, of course, is that many times this thought process prevents us from reaching our full potential.

The dot-com bust took place in 1999–2000, and in 2008, the Great Recession hit. During those times, our firm was forced to change to accommodate what was going on, whether that meant being more aggressive in our marketing, taking on different types of claims, or just getting better and more efficient with how we practiced our area of law.

made a hard pivot to really focus on service, communication, and results. We beefed up the number of team members, created a bonus structure based on client satisfaction, and started hiring team members who had the “eye of the tiger” for getting great results. The Bible says, “You reap what you sow.” That was exactly what happened to us because since that time, revenue has tripled and client satisfaction has soared, which is reflected in the testimonials that can be seen on our website, Yelp, Google, etc. There can always be a silver lining to a crisis. During this crisis, we have learned we can work from home with a cloud-based computer network, take depositions and attend mediations via Zoom, Skype, Google, etc., utilize a new internet phone system, and finally reach our long-term goal of having a completely paperless office. These are all good things that will help us serve our clients better now and in the future. As we work to put this crisis behind us, I know that my history running our law firm teaches me that “this too shall pass.” Not only will we come out of this, but we will also do so as a better law firm, providing our clients better service and obtaining better

In 2008 specifically, I took a hard look at our practice and wasn’t happy with the level of service we were providing our clients. It got me thinking: If we weren’t getting much new business in the door, we should just focus on serving our current clients better in order to not only obtain a better outcome for them but to also create a more organic form of word-of-mouth marketing. So we “There can always be a silver lining to a crisis.”

results. It is my hope for all of those reading this newsletter that you also can turn this current negative into a positive in your lives as well. – Chris Russell

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