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ADVENTURES IN SYDNEY A Mob of Kangaroos, a Cuddly Koala, and One Amazing Trip

Students in Australia are about to go on their summer vacation — can you imagine? Summer in December. Other than a dust storm, the weather was great. With how cold it is right now, that doesn’t sound so terrible. Of all the differences between the Northern and Southern hemisphere, the time difference has to be one of the hardest to adjust to. Australia is 14 hours ahead, so it took a couple of days to get used to being so far in the future. I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered from the time difference!

Thanksgiving this year was very untraditional for Amy and me because we spent the holiday in Sydney, Australia! We went for Amy’s work with OrthoYes. Amy helps train other orthodontic providers and was there to serve their clients in Australia. It was such a unique and fun opportunity, and I was happy to be along for the ride! While there was no turkey or stuffing to be seen, we found quite a few reasons to be grateful and enjoyed our surroundings and time together very much. It was a fantastic trip!

Some of the highlights include holding a Koala, climbing the Sydney Bridge to view the city from above, and seeing about 100 kangaroos during a guided tour. Our guide told us that it’s very rare to see a group of so many together, and we felt lucky to have had such a great view of these entertaining animals. We even saw a few 'roos boxing! One looked very buff; I think he must get quite a lot of practice. While we were in Sydney, we stayed in an Airbnb and experienced the city the way locals do. We took the train into town, which cost about $1.50 to ride. Amy and I enjoyed exploring our surroundings and getting to experience Australia together. For her work, Amy also spent some time in Adelaide and got a glimpse of South Australia. I’ll admit, going from winter in Connecticut to the sunny, high-70s summer in Australia was not a bad trade. Their seasons are the opposite of ours.

Being away from home sure makes you appreciate everything you have. We took some beautiful pictures that are a lovely way to remember this spectacular trip. Amy and I are enjoying looking at them and sharing the memories we made. Right now, I’m happy to be back at the office seeing all your smiling faces again and sharing my trip with Team Demas. This Christmas, Amy and I are staying stateside. We’re heading to the Carolinas to spend Christmas with our family. After our Australian adventure, it’ll be an excellent way to celebrate the holiday. P.S. There’s still a chance for you to win a vacation getaway to Disney World! Refer your friends and family to Team Demas, and you’ll be entered to win! The more you refer, the more chances you have to win. Look inside the newsletter for more details! —Dr. Demas Have a happy holiday with your loved ones and a merry Christmas!


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