Christmas brunch: 5 perks of hosting your holiday meal early

While holiday celebrations usually involve eating a lavish dinner and staying up late, this tradition might not be a good fit for every family. Instead, consider hosting a Christ- mas brunch. This alternative to sharing an evening meal has numerous advantages, including the following five. 1. People who tend to be less energetic by the end of the day can remain for the du- ration of the event without dozing off. 2. Parents with infants and young children can put their little ones to bed on time, which means kids are less likely to get cranky.

who live far away can get home safely, which is crucial if you don’t have enough space to accommodate overnight guests. 4. There’s more opportunity for activities, and children can spend hours playing outdoors if the weather permits. 5. Typical brunch dishes are widely enjoyed and can easily bemademore festive, such as by adding red and green bell peppers to scrambled eggs, cranberries to scones and eggnog to coffee. If you want to embrace a new tradition that allows you tomake the most of your holiday meal, swap your evening celebration for a daytime event.

3. People who dislike driving at night or

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