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For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 3

Issued Apr 2017


3 // Bunzl Globally

4 // Environmental & Social Responsibility

6 // Workplace Health & Safety

8 // Our Values

10 // The Insight of Specialists

12 // About Bunzl Safety

14 // Our Specialist Services

19 // How We Do Business

21 // Bunzl Safety - Direct

23 // Beaver Brands - For Resellers

24 // Our Product Categories

26 // Workwear

29 // Safety Footwear

31 // Personal Protective Equipment

32 // Lifting & Materials Handling

35 // Height Safety Equipment

4 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives. BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 1


Delivering the Benefits of Scale, Technical Expertise and Innovation

Core sectors include:

Bunzl Safety is part of the world leading Bunzl Group, established in 1854 and now a FTSE 100 listed company with an annual turnover of £6.490m ($AUD 10.500m). Bunzl operates in 29 countries across four continents and are known and admired for providing efficiencies and innovations in the supply of essential products and services.

At Bunzl Safety, our global scale enables us to buy better. We are also supported by our dedicated Sourcing and Quality Control team in Shanghai, China, who continuously refine our supplier audit process of key Asian suppliers to assist them in meeting our required standards. Further Quality Control measures and stringent product testing is also undertaken within our major distribution centres on the east and west coasts, and expedited to customers when and where needed through our extensive local branch and distributor network. As is the case with all Bunzl businesses, by applying our resources and consolidating our range of products into our extensive warehousing infrastructure, we are able to offer an efficient one-stop solution, thereby allowing you, our customer, to focus on your core business.

• Safety

• Food Service

• Grocery

• Cleaning & Hygiene

• Healthcare

2 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 3


Sustainability is a big deal to us and is part of everything we do. We’re always looking to create more sustainable business practices and products. Bunzl’s global commitment to reduce impacts on the environment has been a key area of corporate responsibility for more than a decade. Our Environmental Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility

Socially, Bunzl Safety believes in a workforce that affords equal opportunities to all, and one that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. To support our traditional land owners Bunzl has engaged with indigenous organisations and formally lodged our Statement of Commitment with Reconciliation Australia in 2014. We have also developed a Bunzl Australasia Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which outlines specific measurable actions to be undertaken - targeting supplier diversity, indigenous employment and community engagement. Bunzl Safety is also proud to be a Corporate Partner of The McGrath Foundation. Through our range of branded pink footwear and PPE, we promote the cause to the wider community and donate money from the sale of each product, back to the Foundation.

From increasing recycling programmes to reducing fuel usage and waste, and from sourcing green products to

improving energy efficiency, Bunzl Safety are constantly looking for new ways to improve environmental performance.

4 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 5


As safety is our core business we at Bunzl Safety are dedicated to ensuring that all workers are safe from injury and risk to their health while they are at work. This extends to our customers, when we are dealing with you at your workplace, or any one of our sites. We recognise and strongly promote the fact that the health, safety and welfare of workers is of primary importance, and rank it equally with all other financial and operational considerations. Committed to Safety for Our Workers and Yours

Effective environmental health, safety and welfare is managed through valuable consultation with staff and customers to inform policy development, management systems and prevention programs. Our safety mantra also ensures that when our field staff visit your site you can rest assured that all necessary workplace health and safety requirements and training has been undertaken.

6 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 7


Our Customers Are Our Partners

Inspiring Leadership

We listen. We provide solutions. We care and are easy to deal with.

We aim to be Australia’s thought leaders in workplace safety, sharing

the strength and knowledge of BUNZL; one of the largest safety groups in the world.

Safety Dedication

Can Do Excellence

We proudly take responsibility to focus on all aspects of workplace safety. It’s what matters to us.

We are nimble and flexible, arriving at solutions quickly and easily. We back our customer understanding, product scope and quality standards.

8 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 9


Safety is All We Do

What could be more important than protecting people? Whatever the industry, even when every care is taken, there will always be a risk of harm to workers. Keeping them safe is a continuous challenge, but one we believe worth taking on with our ever evolving range of safety products and services. We understand quality safety equipment not only provides your employees with the confidence of protection throughout their day but also offers a higher level of physical comfort resulting in optimised performance.

While our range and services grow to meet new industry needs, our commitment to rigorous testing, quality manufacturing and superior finishing remains unchanged. Our technical expertise, speciality materials and comprehensive quality control all benefit from our complete focus on safety. At Bunzl Safety we understand the needs of your business. The safety equipment your team uses is a reflection of your brand. An investment in our quality safety equipment will provide positive brand impact, optimised efficiency, and safer working conditions for your employees.

10 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 11

Bunzl Safety

We have over 60 years’ experience in servicing a

Our focus on developing and accessing leading brands of

When you think safety from head to toe, and when lifting, hoisting or working from heights, think… Bunzl Safety. Bunzl Safety encompasses the very best offering of: workwear, footwear, PPE, lifting, materials handling and height safety equipment to ensure your workplace and the people within it, have access to the


vast array of businesses and organisations from every sector across Australia including the mining, energy, heavy industrial, building and construction, healthcare, manufacturing, food processing, government and defence industries.

product is also complemented by the many related technical services and support we offer our customers in order to provide the complete safety solution.

latest and most suitable safety products available.

12 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 13


Our Specialist Services

Lifting & Height Safety:

Unlike other industrial service providers Bunzl Safety offer an integrated approach to the supply, service and replacement of safety products, resulting in our ability to manage the complete life cycle of your personal and workplace safety requirements. We provide fast response and turnaround times for equipment repair and testing as well as custom engineering and embroidery services to ‘keep the wheels in motion’ and minimise downtime.

• On-site Lifting & Height Safety Inspections & Testing

• Online Asset Database providing easy access 24/7 to your asset history

• Equipment Repairs and Servicing to Australian Standards

• Testing Services in our NATA accredited laboratories

• Wire Rope Testing and Splicing

• Custom Engineering of Lifting Beams, Lifting Slings and Towing Equipment

• Training in Height Safety and Safe Lifting/Hoisting Practices

• E-Commerce & Online Punchout Catalogue Solutions

• On-site Vendor Managed Warehousing Solutions

Workwear & PPE:

• Custom Branding and Embroidery Services

• Site PPE Surveys for Eyewear, Respiratory, Hearing, Gloves and Safety Signage

• Vendor Managed Vending PPE Vending Machines

• E-Commerce & Online Punchout Catalogue Solutions

14 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 15

16 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives. WE ARE FLEXIBLE AND RESPONSIVE.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 17


How We Do Business

Whether you are a reseller or an organisation utilising any one of our many safety products, it’s easy doing business with us.

At Bunzl Safety we are nimble enough to partner with you to firstly understand your specific needs and then provide a solution quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Our partnership is a two way street and that’s why we have excellent customer service and R&D processes in place to ensure your valuable feedback is actioned.

Bunzl Safety

End User


Our Categories & Key Brands:

Technical Services

Lifting & Materials Handling




Height Safety

18 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 19



Passionate Specialists Working Directly with Customers

Bunzl Safety can tailor product offerings suited to your type of business and working environment, as well as offering the right technical advice. If desired, surveys and reports of your PPE, workwear, height safety and lifting requirements can be provided - with the overall aim of increasing safety and reducing the total cost of procurement.

With a national branch network, specialist sales staff, online shopping, and the latest e-procurement and punchout systems, we can provide you with the best and most relevant products, on time, every time including:

• Workwear • Footwear • Lifting &

Materials Handling

• PPE • Height Safety • Plus an array of services

from equipment testing, inspections and servicing through to embroidery, vendor

managed inventory and e-commerce solutions.

20 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 21


Partnering with our Resellers to Provide the Very Best Products

Established in 1977, Beaver Brands is the national wholesale arm of Bunzl Safety and specialises in the provision of leading products within the areas of materials handling, lifting and load restraint, as well as height safety, fall prevention, personal protective equipment (PPE), workwear and footwear.

Since inception Beaver Brands has been renowned for quality and has invested heavily in maintaining

AS/NCS ISO 9001 quality assurance accreditation,

NATA ISO/IEC 17025 registration and is soon to have ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation. Our company owned and exclusive brands include WS Workwear, Beaver, B-safe, Evolve, Black Rat, Frontier and exclusive licences for Mack Boots and Ninja gloves.

Beaver Brand's success is built on long standing partnerships

with resellers, along with its commitment to servicing the specific needs of customers.

22 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 23

24 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives. OUR PRODUCT CATEGORIES .

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 25


Made Safer

Our range includes:

We also understand the importance of offering a one-stop service for uniforms complete with quality embroidery services and tailored online ordering for your staff. Bunzl Safety manufactures and supplies workwear made from the best fabrics, built for the toughest environments, and styles road tested on workers of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines. For well over a decade our workwear has successfully covered those within the Mining, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transport industries, and beyond.

Every worker deserves gear that respects their efforts, by respecting their safety. No corners cut. No style over substance. At Bunzl Safety we understand the importance of a good uniform, and how the fit, the style, the maintenance, and how it supports your brand, greatly impacts workers.

• Work Shirts

• Work Pants

• Coveralls

• Jackets

• High Visibility Apparel

• Fire Retardant Garments

• Corporate Wear

All of our workwear is tested to meet or exceed Australian Safety Standards and produced from a commitment to quality, durability, availability and most importantly, respect for the wearer.

26 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 27


Worn to Perform

The human foot is an amazing piece of engineering which performs a number of complex and opposing functions during each step. The performance requirements of the foot and ankle are the foundation of the Mack® footwear design process. Workplace specific requirements and design features to minimise injuries are overlaid with the performance demands of the foot and ankle. Mack® branded footwear is manufactured and imported under license by Bunzl Safety.

Committed to helping improve the health, wellbeing and safety of workers, our Mack® team has developed an innovative range of footwear that moves with the body. Through a continuous process of research, innovation and refinement, our Mack® team produces occupational footwear designed to alleviate various work hazards including slips, falls, sharp objects underfoot, electrical or chemical dangers, water exposure, heat contact and side impact.

28 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 29


Covered from Head to Toe

Our range includes:

With ever present dangers in many workplaces it’s important to know your employees are supplied with the right personal protective equipment, sourced from the one business that sources only quality products that meet or exceed Australian Standards. Bunzl Safety manufactures its own range of PPE as well as offering a number of leading brands of equipment to cover all personal protection needs.

• Hand Protection

• Eye Protection

• Head and Face Protection

• Hearing Protection

• Respiratory Protection

• Hydration and Sun Protection

• First Aid & Hygiene

• Environmental

• Workplace Safety

• Safety Footwear

• Workwear

30 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 31


Using the right equipment to safely lift and move equipment can save time, money, and most importantly, lives. Knowing how to use this equipment, while having peace of mind that it meets all required Standards, and is easy for workers to identify and handle, is even more important. for lifting and materials handling. We are the leaders in product innovations including colour coded chain blocks, shackles and hoists for safer identification when lifting heavy loads, as well as providing lighter, high capacity synthetic slings for safer and easier handling. For Peace of Mind When Heavy Lifting Bunzl Safety offers the most complete range of equipment

Our range is suitable for all environments and consists of:

• Lifting Chain and Components

• Materials Handling Equipment

• Synthetic Lifting Slings

• Rigging Hardware & Stainless Steel Fittings

• Crane Wire Rope and Slings

• General Purpose Chain

• Fibre Ropes For Mining and Marine Applications

• Load Restraint Equipment

• Towing and Recovery Gear

32 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 33


For Supreme Safety and Comfort

B-safe height safety equipment is manufactured to the highest standards exceeding the requirements of all AS/NZS1891 standards. We are active members of the “Working at Height Association” (WAHA).

That’s why our comprehensive B-Safe height safety and rescue equipment range has been designed with quality and comfort for safe working at heights, and we have a national education program to support our customers.

Because falls from heights continues to be a major cause of death and serious injury in Australian workplaces, it is imperative our customers have the latest and safest height safety and rescue systems available to them. More importantly is our commitment to ensure correct technical advice and education is provided, to reduce the incidents of poor installations as well as incorrect use, wearing and fitting of such equipment.

The B-safe fall prevention range can be defined as:

B ody Harnesses

S hock Absorbing Lanyards

A nchors

F all Rescue

E ducation

34 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 35


36 | BUNZL Safety | For Safe Working Lives.

For Safe Working Lives. | BUNZL Safety | 37

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