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“It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Back Pain, Forever!” LIVING LIFE WITHOUT BACK PAIN INSIDE:

• Living Life Without Back Pain • Understanding The Why & How Of Back Pain • Relieve Back Pain In Minutes

For some, back pain is a daily occurrence that dictates the way you live your life. Every movement, every motion is determined by the pain in your back. Standing, sitting, laying down, driving, walking or running — the pain persists. In ages past, back pain was difficult to treat. If you experienced back pain, whether as a result of a work injury, trip-and-fall accident, or even just as a result of aging, the answer was almost always the same: head home, take a long rest, and give your back time to heal.This isn’t the way that things go anymore, and for several reasons.To start, the world isn’t as forgiving. Heading home and taking a long rest until your back is healed may work for some, but not for most. With deadlines and carpools and work schedules to keep up with, there needs to be an alternate solution to dealing with back pain that doesn’t require you to completely remove yourself from your responsibilities. What’s more, recent research indicates that resting may not actually be the ideal solution for long-term back care. Spending too much time

on the couch or off your feet can cause the back muscles to weaken and can even weaken bone strength. This could lead to more long- term issues with back pain — not fewer. Exercise, in general, is shown to increase strength and flexibility, supporting healthy muscles and bones, and therefore supporting ideal back health. Physical Therapy for Back Pain While rest and relaxation can help you overcome the immediate pain of a back injury, and may even be recommended by your physician in the early days following an injury, it is not a long-term solution. Physical therapy offers a long-term solution to back pain by using targeted exercises that focus on the cause of the pain. Through a combination of strength and flexibility training that focuses on muscle development and joint movement, physical therapy can address the underlying cause of the pain and significantly improve your quality of life.

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There are a lot of different reasons that back pain can develop. Even when you break down injuries, whether from overuse or athletic pursuits, there are different problems that can develop. Sprains and strains are common, but so are issues with the vertebrae, blood flow, and even concerns regarding the spinal nerves. You might be amazed to discover the different factors that could be influencing your back health. Such as: • Your personal level of physical activity, including how often you exercise and the intensity of your typical workouts. • The types of shoes that you wear, in addition to how frequently you walk in different types of shoes, particularly shoes that lack support or those with high heels. • Prolonged engagement in sedentary behavior, including sitting at a desk for eight hours or more consecutive days of the week, or spending free time on the couch or otherwise relaxed. Aerobic activity and strength training exercises actually make it possible to reduce your risk of injury and to improve your ability to overcome back pain by strengthening the vertebrae and improving blood flow and nutrient disbursement throughout the back. When you are inactive, blood flow can actually become impeded, and this can have a negative effect on the overall health of your back and spine. How Physical Therapy Helps. Anyone who has struggled with back pain can tell you plain and simple: When your back is hurting, there is no way to pretend that it isn’t. Simply going from sedentary activity to being active and healthy isn’t an option — at least not so easily. It takes time and effort, and when back pain is obstructing you from getting started, it requires help.

Physical therapy can help you overcome back pain by giving you the knowledge and support necessary to help your back feel better, giving you the option to get off the couch and push yourself to reach new goals. Working with a licensed and experienced physical therapist ensures that you do not take on too much too quickly, but instead are guided through the process of healing with gradual steps. For more information about overcoming back pain, contact us. If you are experiencing back pain, consult one of our expert physical therapists for a full evaluation to determine where your problem is originating from, so correct treatments can be applied to help you. Ne w s

Orthopedic & Sport Rehab • Physical erapy Quality Rehabilitation rough Personalized Care

Working with the Daisy Mountain Firefighters! Daisy Mountain Firefighters completing simulation training at our Anthem clinic. We are honored to be able to rehab these heroes!

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At OSR Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions.

It’s time to go to OSR Physical Therapy if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury

Made me feel very confident and comfortable during my workouts!

“What a great group of people. The Sun City team made me feel very confident and comfortable during my workouts in the office and at home. I have NEVER experienced this at other facilities. I will highly recommend OSR to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. Thank you for all the help.” - D.Y.

1. Call and talk to your therapist 2. Discover why your pain has come back 3. Get your custom recovery program

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Attention Back Pain Sufferers!

LOWER TRUNK ROTATIONS Lying on your back with your knees bent, gently rock your knees side-to-side. Perform this 10-15 times in each direction. Stretches Lower Back www.simpleset.net Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

Do You Have Back Pain?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we can help.

a Do you have back pain when moving or standing for long periods of time? a Does your pain get worse while bending or reaching? a Do you suffer with stiffness, swelling or tenderness in your muscles?

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TherapeuticTaping is a type of treatment designed to enhance the function of muscles, decrease inflammation, and can decrease overall pain in muscles and joints. Taping has been shown to help improve performance when dysfunction is present as well as aid in the ability to train through minor injuries. WE’VE ALL SEEN IT ON ATHLETES, BUT HOW DOES IT WORK AND HOW CAN IT BENEFIT YOU?

• Taping can be used to help treat various injuries including: • Shoulder pain/tendinitis • Patellar tendinitis

• Carpal tunnel syndrome • Tennis and golfer’s elbow • Low back pain • Achilles tendinitis • Hip bursitis

• Desert Ridge: Mountainside Fitness Aug 23rd 5pm-7pm • North Phoenix: Mountainside Fitness August 29th 2pm-4pm • Scottsdale: Mountainside Fitness Aug 29th 4pm-6pm • Gilbert: Mountainside Fitness Aug 30th 4pm-6pm

PLEASE STOP IN to any one of these locations to see and hear from one of our Physical Therapist who have been trained in “Taping” and to see how it can benefit you!

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Thank You





First off a big THANK YOU for helping reach the homeless and home- bound in our community with the precious life giving resource of water. This being OSR’s 2nd year of collecting donations from the “OSR ARMY” of current and past patients, along with donating a case of water for every new patient we saw through the summer months has been soooo rewarding! Theconversationswe’vehadwithmanyofyouatourclinicorout inpublic about dehydration and your own personal experiences with dehydration have been a blessing. These types of conversations are what is needed to drive down the incidences and deaths due to dehydration. Our goal last year (2017) was 6,000 bottles of water. We ended up delivering 7,008 bottles of water to St. Mary’s Food Bank and Salvation Army for the thirsty in our community. Ourfirstofmanyshipments thissummer tobothSalvation Army and StMary’s FoodBank. OSRNorthPhoenix team is here with 252 cases equaling 6,048 bottles of water heading to the Salvation Army. We are committed to the thirsty in our state andwill continue to donate a case of water for every new patientwe see through August 15th. The temperature while loading was a scorching 114 degrees.... it’ssafe tosay thiswaterwillbeawelcomesite to theHeatReliefNetwork thatwillbedistributing it toboth thehomelessandhomebound. OSR WILL DONATE

This year 2018 we shot high, with a of goal 24,000 bottles of water. We supplied St. Mary’s Food Bank and Salvation Army a total of 28,781 bottles of water, surpassing our goal! So “OSR ARMY” once again, Thank You and STAY hydrated!

Weare committed tohelpingpreventdehydrationhere inPhoenix.Checkoutour videopromotingourefforts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJeJigNo8ig

CallAClinicNearestYouForMore InformationToday!

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Call A Clinic Nearest You For More Information Today! GLENDALECLINIC 623.219.4242 SUNCITYCLINIC 623.219.4475


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6 NUTRITION TIPS FOR A HEALTHY SUMMER 1. Drink green tea instead of sweet tea. Green tea has a natural component that helps speed up your metabolism. Skip the box tea and opt for the brew-it-yourself with boiling water and a tea-bag-type tea.

2. Don’t skip breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, your body is running on fumes. Eating a breakfast with protein, carbs, and healthy fat kicks your metabolism into high gear and provides energy for the day. 3. Enjoy summer fruits and veggies. It’s easy to sink into a vegetable rut, eating the same boring veggies week after week, but with summer comes fresh choices. Including a mix of in-season colorful veggies in your meals gives your body a nutrient kick. 4. Hydrate often. The summer heat makes you more susceptible to dehydration. Start off your day by drinking two glasses of water and keep drinking at each meal, as well as before and after your workout, to stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you as a reminder to stay hydrated. 5. Recover with a post-workout shake. After exercising, blend your favorite summer fruits and a scoop of whey protein into a shake to kickstart the muscle-building process, help your body recover from training, and boost your energy levels. 6. Pre-plan your meals. You plan your weekend getaways and activities for summer. Why not your meals? Make it easy by preparing all of your food on Sunday so that you have enough meals for the week. The best part: You’ll save money.

Still see no improvement from changing your diet? Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists. We’ll guide you to a new and pain-free lifestyle with exercises and movements catered to your pain level.


Ingredients • 2 cups fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and sliced bananas, mixed

• 2 cups plain or vanilla yogurt • 1/4 cup white sugar • 8 small paper cups • 8 popsicle sticks

Directions Place the mixed blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sliced bananas, yogurt, and sugar into a blender. Cover, and blend until fruit is chunky or smooth, as desired. Fill paper cups 3/4 full with fruit mixture. Cover the top of each cup with a strip of aluminum foil. Poke a popsicle stick through the center of the foil on each cup. Place the cups in the freezer for at least 5 hours. To serve, remove foil and peel off the paper cup.

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