This is your ELMS ... this is the story of '56 at State ... A story can be told in many varied ways, we've tried to tell a story about you ... the student at State. Where else could we begin but with coffee in the snack bar, pinochle in the game room, free hours in the lounge, Friday evening dances and wherever we found you having fun. We then looked for you in the classroom, listening and learning ... meaningful experiences, problem areas, form follows function, camshafts and mech– anical ... or in the library with a difficult paper. If we didn't find you in the snack bar or the class– room, we were sure to find you at a meeting . .. in– tegration in governmental organi7.ation, drama, music, sports, publications, the committee on com– mittees ... if only we didn't have classes. Next follows the administration, without whom most of our story wouldn't be possible ... increased student freedom, students helping to decide about curriculum . .. a wonderful philosophy of adminis– tration. Our book ends with classes and the seniors ... on the threshold of a college career, four years and on the threshold ofa life's career. We've tried to find everyone of you with our camera ... you are here in the Elms .. . eating a ham sand– wich, on the dance floor, in the classroom, at a Tues– day night meeting, or in the library studying. You are an individual at State, and because we be– lieve in the preciousness of each human mind and the dignity of each human soul, we dedicate the 1956 Elms to you the individual at State, to him . . . to her. . . and to you. RON DEVITO Editor

state university of new york college for teachers at buffa 10










He reached out and touched, and all that he touched became part of him ... the recognition, failure, laughter, work, friend– ship, disappointment and spirit -- of campus life became part of him ... and no student became like another ... and each grew through student life.


( \


A student at State ... an individual like no other. He takes one discouraged moment from yesterday, one small recognition from today and builds his tomorrow. He grows. From social life he grows. He hunts for a chair in the Ad cafeteria or eats lunch in a quiet corner of the auditorium. He gets four or five phone calls a day, or he writes phone messages for someone else.

He's here on these pages .. . dancing, drinking, talking, cheering, eating, walk– ing, thinking, smiling, loafing. A girl in a tweed coat hops puddles on her way to the gym; another stares out the window at a dance in the union.


A student everyone knows presents a gift on Moving– up day. Someone hardly anyone knows plays the piano in the lounge and is proud and frightened . For this is anyone - everyone ... an organization president drinking black coffee, a student helper watch– ing television, a dorm girl phoning home. Everyone ... bad moods, good moods.


A student at State. He's the fellow with the brown brief case ...t he one who's never late for class. The girl who pretends to be someone she isn't. The basketball star who participates in the kinder- garten. Anyone - everyone.

~ ; , .,# . ". \ ¥ ....... ... .... , I - " , .. > . "' • . :¥ .( " ...... . .... j , , .. : ....


A new idea, a broaden– ing concept of life, and from the thought of the past the student molded his philosophy for the fu– ture ... and he read eager– ly of Emerson and his friend studied the genius of Poe ... and each in his own right learned throullh academic life.



' .. '~.-"",

The art ed student ... brushes, paints, oils,

canvas, cameras ... projects.

Classes in the union, classes in the Ad, a

schedule crowded with class hours.

The art ed student . . . planning, learning,

contributing, teaching.

Home economics. A girl in a white uniform, white shoes . . . professional. From fudge to full-course dinners, from aprons to coats, she grows in skill. And she teaches.

-~---- .



Elementary education. From the commas and semicolons of freshman com– position to. the epic of John Brown's body. From western civilization to the social theoriee of this age. Steps of scientific method, identification of trees, square roots, decimal systems, flutophones, paper sculp– ture, French civilization - elementary education.

Industrial arts division. Plans, tools, machines. Ceramics, wood, leather, metal, plastic, textiles, paper, print- ing, electricity ... materials. Learning skills, learning methods, teaching.

A student in education for the exceptional ... working with speech handicapped children, mentally retarded children, orthopedically handi– capped children. Education ... teaching a girl with cleft palate, a boy who can learn only very slowly, a boy with epilepsy or cerebral palsy. Believing in special education.

Term papers to do. Students comb the card catalog and consult the Readers Guide. They ask questions. Arms ache from earring eight or ten books . Three by five cards, a typewriter, a paper punch, a blue cover. And then a grade.

Dean of the college ... administrator of academic life. Con– flicts, requests for extra hours and speciilol course needs bring stu– dents to Dean Ralph Horn for academic guidance. A library staff ... trained, ready to answer questions about records, books, magazines, teaching materials. A library . .. growing. Core of college academic life.


, '

Drama drew many to– gether ... and music and faith and art, and each artist differed from his fellow ... within the scope of the group there was a leader, and many were followers ... and the stu– den t gave of himself to others, and he became rich through extra-curricular life.

Fi'l'lft 'row: Doris LaRosa, JoAnn Twist, Ronald Devito, Cynthia Hurley, Mary Wiktorowski, Susanne Erckert, Dolores Adams, Beverly Mc– Nett, Nancy Molter, Gordon Klopf, a,dvisel', Second 1'Otu: Joan Dean, acting Teeo'J'ding secreta,1'Y; Judy Dingeldey, acting fi?'st vice-p'resi dent; .Toan Haley, 1'cconling secl'etU1'Y ; Daniel Idzik, v'resident ; Rodney Van Housen, vice-t'l'ca.sttJ.'e1'; Barbara Ernst, second viee-pnJlJident; Joanne Taylor, corresponding sec1'eta'ty; Mary Lou Schmitt, tint vice-p'J'c8ident; Gail Stephenson, t1'ca8w'e'/'; David Maul, sfwgC(1,nt-at-Ct1'm8,' Carol VertaJino. Thil'd 'J'ow: Anna Maria Rosch , Lynn Winter, Francis Reilly, Sally Ann Henry, Anthony Tabbi, Gerald Dalven, Lorraine 'Veaver, Janice Becker, Joan Kosinski, Donna Schultz, Arthur Frasier, Judith Millspaugh, Annette Al'endt, Ronald Thrun, Carol Dean, Ruth Garrett.

,r i , .~

student congress

•. --- -- -- - _ ..


First I'VW : Elaine Kourelis, .Jacqueline Rush, Joan Kosin$ki, seC1'6taJ'Y; Gail Stephenson, chair1'lwn; Cecil Rodney, advise.,. ,' Deidre Davis, Mal'Y Callahan, Rita Rosati. Sectnld 'row : Joseph Trimboli, Mary Lou Lynch, Francis Rei11y, Arthur Frazier, Anton Schwarzmueller, Dean Zuch, Robert Jennette, Gary Runckel, Sharon Wright, Herman Kuebler.




Student Congress, voice of the student body. An expression of democ– racy and citizenship in the college community. Congress seeks to represent everyone. An office in the union, the clicking and tapping of a typewriter, a voice on the phone, people hurrying in and out. A bulletin board. Meetings -. activity room, music room. Delegates, chairmen, officers, committees. Finance agency ... a subdivision of Student Congress. It presents the student budget to Congress for approval and to the student body for ratification.

finance agency

Fi1'st row: Dorothy Hayn, Gail Stephenson, Nancy Slinde, Patricia 1Nalsh. Second 1'OW: Jean Fidd, JoAnn Twist, c01'1'csponding secretary; Mary Lou Lynch, 'recording sccreta'I'Y; Donna Schultz, vicc-p1'csidcnt; Cynthia Hurley, p1'c8ident; ,\}ililliam Thomas, trea8w'er; Susanne Erck– ert, Third TOW : Joseph Cannamela, Lynn Winter, Margaret Knueppel, Nancy Molter, Patricia O'Leary, Anthony Queena, Donna Gottung.

• union board


CollegeUnion board _.. regulating union ac– tivities and services. Christmas week - a tree in the lounge, Wassail bowl, choir, bell ringers, a fireside sing. Coffee hours. Open house ... fun and college spirit.




/f'int /'ow: Mary Jane Wickham, Meta Norenberg, R ita Rosati, Margar et Matheson. Second I'OW : Ronald Devito, Elizabeth Garcea, Dean Zuch, Benjamin Gronewold, WaItej' Greenwood, .John McRae.

pu bl ications board


Mary J ane Scrymgeour. Mary J ane Wickham, Virginia Beard.




Fil'Rt 1'OW : Rita Rosati, Nancy Nichols, Emily Bradshaw, Anthony Tabbi, Joy Yondt, Arlene Layer, Ar– lene Newell. Second 1'OW : Rose Marie Aquino, Joanne 'VaRkey. William Hazelton, Bill Vantine, Joan Boxer, Doreen Pelletier, Colleen Buckley. Margm'ct Woodall, Margaret Matheson.

The Handbook . .. a student guide on college policy and tradition. Record . .. a busy Friday night, a box in the hall. A phone ringing in the publications office, a red pencil, a party. Elms ... decisions on theme and cover. Pictures in the lounge. Deadlines. Elm Leaves ... an expression of student thought. Judging, typing, copy-reading, printing, distributing. Student creativity.



Frances Manka, Hazel Ensminger, Maureen Lawler, Jane Anne Haughton, Dean Zuch, Mary Jane VanDyke, Marlene Zack, Jo Anne Reeb, Jean Pancio.

Business staff. Joan Bordeaux editoT; Doris Fl'ey, managing edito~ ..


Photog1'aphy staff, Bill Vantine, editor.

Lite?'Cwy staff. Doreen Pelletier, editm'; Jane Anne Haughton, typing editOl',

A?,t staff, Connie Manuse, Mary Owens, editm's,


..... - --:.

Fint 'row: Joris Tate, Mary Callahan, Meta No renberg, advitwr; Rita Rosati, ·edito·r; Mary .Tanc Scrymgeour, Doreen Pelleticr. Second ·1'ow: Ann Dl'uschel, Dean Zuch, Mary Ann Vullo, Jodelle Wuertzer, Marga– ret Kapp.

elm leaves

• board summer sessions

First 1'OW: Elh;WOl'th Russell, Marg-aret Knueppel, Concetta Terranova, Marlene Zack, Albert Burns, Martin Barrett, Marilyn Henline. Second TOW : George Sherrie, Gordon Klopf, Lorraine Lange, Theodore Moss, Lorraine Cardillo, Walter Greenwood, Mary Glor, Alfl'cd Jungberg.

• hall pioneer

Fi'"st l'01U: J oan Mitchell, Rut h Walton, sccrefa1'Y. Second ?'ow: Sheila Fitzgerald, vice-president ; Susan Linnetz, pl'fJsident,– .1 acqueline Gatti, h'caSUI'(JT.

First row : Carole Tuthill, Nancy Raziano, Sandra Ward, Wilma Ben– jamin, Joyce Altpcter, Anne George, E laine Schwimmer, Glori a Dres– her. Second 1'OW: Ma ry Ann Canz, Carolyn 'White, tUUSU'I'Cl'j Margaret Murphy, Judith Millspaugh, sccreta1'Y ; Mal'Y Ann Abrams, pl'es-ident; Dianne Scllll1uckl11i cl', vice-p','csident; ' Elizabeth O'Shea, Mary Lou Lynch, Jane Anne Haughton. Thi1'd ?'ow: Barbara Brig'htman, Evelyn Rosenstein, Gayle Schr ader, Patricia Davies, Sonya Herbart, Elaine Kahlet', Helene Rosenstein, Helen Taylor, J oan Wood, Ann Kavulich, Donna Dahal', Lam'ita Lodestl'o, Marie Rei Sheila Fullcnweider, J anice Edwal'ds, Hazel Ensminger, Sandra Philbad.

dormitory council

Pi1'st .1'OW: Carole Nelson, Barbara Miller, Wilda Benson,. vice-president; Doris Heidenreich, Lois Gilbert. Second TOW: Esther Stewart, Jeanne Hyland, b'easU1'e1'; Leila Haywood, president ,' Kathryn Harrries, adviser; Ann Howard, S6aeta1'Y; Hazel Ensminger. Thh'd 1'OW : Elaine Albrecht, Joanna Sespico. Janet COl'1'ig'an, Joanne Messura, Freda Judge, Lola Anne Powers, Gladys Davis, Marjorie Hodgins, Nancy Conklin, Anita Becken.

residence centers council

She lives away from home, and nothing is so import– an t as a letter and a phone call. Dorm life ... late hours, unit meetings, dinner at six, rules, special permissions, roommates . Washing machines that are out of order, luggage rooms overflowing with suitcases, boxes and crinoline, rooms with matching bedspreads and stuffed animals, rooms with socks drying on chairs . Dorm life.

• musIc board

Fi1'8 t 1'01.V: Joseph "Vincenc, faculty chai1'1nan; James Rauhc, seC1'cta111; Catherine Eng'lish, Second 1'O'W: Edward Kostuk, student chai1'man; 'Villiam 'rallmadge, Robert J ennette, t1'ea8U1'e~',

The band ... a group that really works, a group with spirit. And the .band brings spirit to others - students, children, vete– rans. The vital force of the organization is embodied in Mr. Joseph Wincenc, director. The orchestra ... appreciating the great ' classics and the modern works it plays and interprets, creating a musical apprecia– tion in its audience, enjoying its work.

hungry five

Seated: Francis Ciurczak. Standing: Cha1'les Mussen, John Bruno, Stanley Zimmerman, Wal– ter' Eustace.


I,'int row: John Bruno, Lillian El'th, Lester Bragg, Dolores Russ, Joyce Wright, Rp.vel'ly McNett, Joyce Sutton, Kathleen Williams, Gretchen Pease. Second TOW: Barbara Rankie. Peter Macris, Carolyn White, Jane Welty, Helene Enoch, June Zefers, J ane Bauer, Barbara Thorley, Geraldine Heck, Dale Trost.

Fi'J'st 'row : Charles Walffer, Charles Andolina, Stanley Zimmel'man. Second row: Lois Gilbert, Leila Haywood, Joan Metselaar, Joyce Cameron. Third "ow : Newton York, Luke vVelgoss, Bruce Donn, David Axelson.

Fi1'St ?'ow: Adrian Br yce, Donald Weavel', Second '}'ow: Mary J ane Lewis, Ada Carpenter, James Rauhe. Tld'I'd 'row: Joseph Stevens, Robcl't Gi tzin, J ean Battles, J ames Scott, Edward Ahrens.

Robert Jeanette, Nancy GnIlag:hel', Charles Mussen, Agnes Freiner, Barbara Mabie,

Fi'l'st ')'ow: Jay Tuttle, Elaine Schwimmer, Second 1'OW : I1se Doel'ler, Barbara Millel', .Tanice Becker, Janice Bloom, Sharlene Bolt. Third l'O~V: Willian Ogden, Ralph Slade, Nobel't GUl'backi,

Fil'st 1'010: Edith Rothman, Doris Willert, Anne Saxton, Dorea Bumbar, Second row: Mary Laine Phatiger, Annette Fayer, Joan Droit.


string ensemble

Jane Welty, Bonnie Brock, Rosemary Simpson, Helen Taylor.

glee clubs

Fi1'S t row: Paul Homer, ·William Tallmadge, adviser. Becond 'row; Herman Keublel', Peter Macris, Robert Weaver, Edauard Koeppel, Paul ,Josephson, George ''Veinfurtner, seC1'c tm'Y-t1'caSU1'e?'; Daniel Kowalski, ,~raIter MCrl'ick, Robert Gitzin, Sheldon Menitt . 1'hi~'d 1'OW: Paul Cline, Joseph McCabe, Kenneth Hennig, Ivan Lawson, Newton York, Lowell Smit h, Francis Conrad, Lee Travers, Monroe Whi t ing, Eu– gene Piedmont, p'/'esident; Thomas Fillipponi. FOU1'th l'OW: Thomas Brown, ·William Farrell, Allan Jones, Albert Sinnigen , Gordon Ressue, Pa ul Manke, J. Reginald Miles, Howard Penny. Pea rson Bailey.

P'irsl 1'OW: Rhonda Roucco, Joan Schroeder, Marilyn Watkins, Virginia Crozier, Cynthia Denny, Jean Nussbaum, Louise McLennan, Thel– ma Grisson, Mary Lou Gray, Second 'I'OW: Anita Becken, Carole Tragash, Geraldine Borom, Loretta BOl'kowski, Barbara Bricmont, Kath– leen O'Rourke, Mary Jane VanDyke, Joan Heintz, Ann Rasmussen, Johanna Wagner, 'l'ht/'d row: Jean Fidd, Clara Smith, Gloria Craine, Carol Schultz, M, Joanne Meloon, Dorothy McMahon, Elsie Zdzieblo, Patricia Schlehr, Madie Curry, June SibbIe, Dale Lewis, Bess Mae Greenberger. Fourth TOW: Shelia Fitzg'erald, Wilda Benson, Joyce Staudt, Susan Smith, Carol Ann Bettcher, Mary Louise Fromb~'en. Susan Phelps, Nancy Potter, Elizabeth Washington, Annette Roth, Majorie Grant, J ean Naish,


a capella


Fi,'8t 1'OtO: Barbara LaBarge, Roberta Beebe, J ane McLaug hlin, Bal'barR Betschen, E thel Bailey, Shirley Covel, Nancy Gilson, Marilyn Valentine, Second "ow : Carole Tuthill, Beverly Court ney, Donna 'Valker, Carol Klein, Barbara Bailey, Constance Carberry, sccl'ctal'1l-treas– w'e?' ,' Mal'g al'et Miller, J ean Barone, \~lilliam Tallmadge, adviser. 'l'hi1'd 1'OW : Dia ne IIall, Marion Touseye, Mary F iebelkorn, Carol Mills, Patricia Horn, Madie Curry, Helen Ki ng, Barbara Gertz, Janice Bennett , Jt'OH1,tI~ "ow: George Wei nfurtner, Francis Conrad, Wal ter Mer– rick, Lawrence Griffin, J, Reginald Miles, Thomas F illipponi, Gordon Reseus, William Ogden, Paul Cline, Thomas Brown, Robert Weaver, Peter Macris, Herman Keubler, F'ifth row: Nicholas Macrides, Monroe Whiting, Edward Kostul<, p'remdent; Paul Manke, Howard P enny, Eugene Piedmont, Lee T r avel'S, Pearson Bailey, Al bert Sinnigen, Lowell Smith, Edouard Koepple, Allan Jones, Kenneth Hen ning,


A Cappella choir .. . familiar robes, a familiar name on concert programs, good voices. A Cappella ... oppor– tunity for trips and varied programs . Glee clubs ... Christmas concert, spring concert, singing music loved by college students. Creating music and fellowship, too.

~~i'r8t 1'OW: Pearson Bailey. Second 1'OW: Constance Carberry. \Vatter Merrick, Robert Weaver, Lawrence Griffin, Barbara LaBarge, Barbara Gertz, Ethel Bailey. Madie Curry.


Pint row: Carol Palmer, co-captain; Patricia Hackenberry, co-captain. Second ?'ow: Sonia Root, Jane Carr, Joanne Cohn, Mar– jorie Hodgins, Ann Kavulich, Patricia Minken.




First TOW: Barbara Mun– ro, Rosemary Costello, .T canne Bermann, Edith Lapham, Susan Rosenber– ger, Lorraine Weaver, Joyce Staudt, Suzanne Munro, Gail Reilly, Marie Kirkland, Dolores Russ, Sharon Dobrovolsky, Eliza– beth Olson, Louise McLen– nan, secretary. Second t'ow: Carole Wi ttncr, tl'eaSU1'(l1'" Phyllis Buer– ger, Patricia Bjorklund, Diana Pares, Linda Joslin, Velma Boyles, captain; Dorothea Wlodarczyk, Jean Fidd, Deanna Davy, Jo– anne Blaha. Sandra· Haas, Joanne Granite, Shirley Schwartz, Joan Gardner, co-captain.


Fint TOW : Mary -lnseI'a, Margaret Newman, Joanne Smith, Arline Annunziato, Arlene Klem, Barbara Bottomley, Susan Phelps. Second 'row:- Victoria Cos– mano, co-captain; Eileen Dickson, Diane Kaisel', co– captain. Third row: Josephine Parkes, Marcia Kieta, Marjorie Anderson, Frances Manka.


- 0, th – r, . e . , – – d f, r– d, In, ;

~ ~ B ,

FiFSt J'Oit!: Geraldine Marapese. Second row: Carole Piper, Joan Rindfleisch, Helen Taylor. Third FO'W: Phyllis Carpenter, Joan Ol'mRby, Donna Delahunt. Foul'th I'OW: Judith Millspaugh, Ann Scheer, Joan Staub, Mul'iel Kay, Nancy LaLonde.


speech arts board

/?i1'St " QW : Phyllis Levine, tTeus· w'e,' " Concetta Terranova. Second 1'QW: 'Valter Blind, Daniel Clifford, Arnold Popinsky. president; Fran– cis Reilly.

F'i'l'st l'OW: Colleen Mullen, vice-}J1'csident-sec)'etaI'Y. Second 1'OW: Ar– nold Popinsky , Concetta Terranova, p1'es'ident; Donald Trueblood, ad– viser. Thi1'd 1'OW: Mary Jones, ,Henry Walbessel', Janice Edwards.

nu kappa alpha

li'i'rst 1'Ow: Hel'man Kuebler, Walter Blind, Vicc-p1'e8ident; Pauline Duckett, c01'reS1Jondiug sec1'clu1'1/; Cynthia Miller, Shirley Sandler, Thomas Ahern, Second 1'Ott/: Lucy Silvaroli, Mary Rickert, Patricia McKeon, Patricia Hackenberry, Carol Palmer, Mina Goossen, advi8e',.; Francis Reilly, p-,'esident; Phyllis Levine, h'easu1'C?',' Kalo– ma Thompson, Sandra Sisson, J ane Carr, Myrna Jean Carr, Li nda Kanowitz. Thi'l'd 1'OW : Mal'iJyn Tropman, Donald Wildy, Donald Biebel', Ronald Peters, Theodol'e Di Pasquale, Da niel Clifford, Robert Wiegand, John Richert, Barbara Willis, Bevel'ly Wiegand, Bonnie Kulow, Yvonne Castellion, Anthony Cox,

casting hall

Casting Hall ... interpretation and presen– tation. Arena theater or stage production -lights dim, programs rustle and then are quiet. Only the world of the play exists. Nu Kappa Alpha - forensic group. Debating a prominent issue, meeting other college debating organizations.

convocations board

Publicity, good pUblicity. A crowded auditorium - or a smal– ler audience. Introductions, ideas, coffee hours. Convocations board.

.Janet Wcbcl', co-chai1'rnan; Marilyn Koerber, 'reco'l'ding sem'etarYi Allan Jones, t1'ea-SUl'€1'; Dorothy Du– minuco, Sharon 'Wright, Donna Schultz, cOl'respondin!l seC1'etal'Y; Emily Bradshaw, co-chai·)"man; Mar– garet Matheson, Gordon Klopf, Carl Hein, advise')'.

camp board

F'i1'St row: Katherine Meyel'hans. Second 'I'OW: Dods VanAllen, Lyn Musalino, Herman Kuebler. Thi'rd 1'OW: Howard Bethel, vice-chail'7nan,' Marilyn Mor– l'is, HeC1'etU1'Y; David Hammond, tl'f.lU81f1'6I'; Grace Aspray, faculty repn:.'1entutive. Fow·th 'row: J ames Strauch, Louis Callan. F ifth 'row: Charles Fellner, Raymond BI'adley, John U r ban, chainncm.

College camp. Toboggans, snow, cold fingers. Planting trees, searching for in– sects. Memorable days.

b'irst row: Robert Kersch, vice~1J?'e8ident; Alfred Heinen, Marg'Rl'et Julian, Gerald Duf~ fy, Charles Torch, p1'Gsident; Edith Lapham. Second row: Robert Smith, Denise Aakes– son, Miriam Spaulding', advise?'; June Fischer, Dolores Russ, secl'f::ta'I'1I; Martha Hasner, Barbara Tansey, William Ogden. Third 1'OW: Robert Lamparter, h'casul'e1'" Mercer Guerry, Mary Jane Lewis, Ann Scheer, Gary Runckel, Leland Gag'e, Mary Hendricks, Albert Tomm, Artnoll Wegner, advise?'; James Jedele.

athletic board

, womens athletic association

F'i'rst row: Mary Ann Vullo, Margaret Matheson, June Fischel', ViC6~1J1"e8ident,' Janet Lau, trea,'IU1'fW; Joan Kosinski, Arlene Newell. Second 1'OW: Mary Szpakowski, Mary Hendricks, Miriam Spaulding, ad– vise?'; Jo Ann Carberry, Jane McNess, rec01:ding S6C– retuTY; Marilyn Morris, Margo Myers. Third -row: Gloria Ryerse, Diane Reinecke, Winifred Macnish, president,' Patricia Bell.

, mens athletic association

FintJ'ow: August Hein, chai1'1nan; Albert Tomm, Alfred Heinen, tt'easw'wl'; Paul Luczak, Gary Runc– kel. Second row: George Kontos, secreta;I'Y; Richard Kearsing, Artnoll Wegner, advise1'.

F'i1'St 1'OW: Robert Smith, Raymond Haines, Dennis Taylor, Gary Rungle. Paul Lempko, James Deerfoot, Frank Cadaro, Charles Andolino, Emanuel Axelrod, Robert Kersch, William -Keller. Second TOW: Joseph Biondolillo, Norman Gustavel, Jack Pangburn, Douglas McGregor, Donald Woods, Stanley Zimmerman, Richard Kearsing, William Forbes, Bruce Gal'nish, Michael Pirowskin, .1. Reginald Miles, Bruce Nichols, Silas Manspeaker, John Schnabel, Rudolph Burg'el', coach.

A rainy day with mud - perhaps a loss. A win the next time. Team spirit, school spirit, yells and color - a soccer day. Seniors leaving, freshmen learning, a team constant– ly losing and gaining ability, growing surely. Pride, competition and co-operation.



Basketball. Fast-moving, l'eqUlrmg skill, ability, teamwork A hard game. A blast on the whistle. a crowd's cheers and screams, a basket.

z.'i1'St l'OW: Samuel Austin , James Coppola, Joseph Merlo, Richard Stotz, captu'in; Joseph Teresi, Ray– mond Haines, Donald MacLeod, Silas Manspeaker, Stanley Radomski. Second ?'ow: Evan MacDonald, manage)'; Gary Runckle, manage1'; John Schnable, Thomas Maloney, James Brown, Howard Meyers, William Parker, Paul Luczak, Mercer Guerry, William Keller, manfLge1'; Lawrence Katzman, coach.

Fi'l"l:f£ ·,.ow: Donald Ellis, J. Reginald Miles, Russell Nolte, William Gagnon, Frank Cordaro, PaLl"ic Mur– phy, John Yambor. Second row: Alan Sommen, manage')',' Joseph Bessel, Anthony Mesmer, George Fish– er, Alfred HeinenhDennis Taylor, Bill Vantine, Rob.n't Knapp, Robert Winters, Richard Mazur, Sery Marasco, Glenn S upe, Robert Murray, coach.


indoor track

Cross country, indoor track, outdoor track. A tough meet and a cold day. Groups of cheering onlookers. A win– ning squad, a championship.

First row: 'William Gagnon, Richard Mazur, Dennis Taylor. Second row: Robert Murray, coach; Glenn Shupe, Alfred Heinen, George Fisher, Stanley Zimmerman, Bill Vantine, Wal– ter Warner, manaOe1'.

Fi1'15t row: Joseph Bessel, William Gagnon, Dennis McCarthy•. John Yambor. Second 1'OW: Walter Warner, Donald Ellis, Anthony Mesmer, George Fischer, Robert Knapp, Alfred Heinen, Robert Murray, coach.

cross country

FiTBt row: Robert Maybeck, Howard Bethel, Kenneth Hennig, Robert Zastrow, Seeo'nd TOW: Lawrence Zang'erle, coach; August Hein, manage'r; Alfred Bean, David Dabon, Raymond Kissel, Robert Kersch, George Kontos, James Lavell.

• • sWimming

Pil'St TOW: Robert Olear, Richard \Vcigert, captain; Robert Spreng'cr, Newton York, manageT. Second l 'OW: Stanley Radomski, Anthony Bueme, John Filsinger, Howard Seng'busch, coach; Henry Dowski, Thomas Kiene.



Golf ... driving and putting skills. Tennis . . . improving a serve, a return. Hard work, steady gains, a team working together. Swimming . .. speed, strength. An out– standing team.

, .

FiT8t row: Donald Anderson. Second row : Curt Schultz, John Shanahan, Lester Racz, Silas Man– speaker. Thi'rd 1'OW: Leonard Hiemenz, Philip Gould, James Lavell, Thomas Maloney, Lawrence Katzman, coach; Richard Arnold, J. Lee Travers.

women's sports

Women's sports . . . cheerleading and the prac– tice and fun that go with it. Softball techniques, basketball plays, fencing methods, volleyball attacks. Riding lessons, swimming and life-saving in– struction, badminton, table-tennis, golf, bowling, tennis, archery, dancing ... physical and social edu– cation.

canterbury club

First row : Patricia Schoonmaker, Betty Gilbcl't, Anne Saxton, Donna Parks, Sylvia Emmons. Second " ow: Enid Raine, Norma Swan, Donna Darrow, J ames McKendrick. Third TOW: Richard Durnin, ad– vi8er; Rev. George Easter, cha,1J– lain ,' Monroe Whiting.

lutheran student association

First 1'OW: Lois Wetzel, Lois Mar– vin, seC1'eta?Y; Jane Bauer, Anita Becken, Beverly Muir, Bonnie Ku– low, Linda Repp, p1'esident; Vir– ginia Thomas. Second row: Richard Pratt, treasw'e)',' Rev. W. A. Ro– w,en, chaplain; Paul Homer, ad– vtseJ'.

1?i1'8t 1'OW: Margaret Barrett, Paula Neill, Jane Kauffman, Judy Odell, Joan Salli, Dianne Schmuckmiel', Jo~ anne Waskey. Second l'OW: Jeanette Marino, Loretta Borkowski, Ann Lindenberg, Patricia Walsh, Nancy La– Londe, Mary Fitzgerald, Joan Juszczak, Mary Rose Ali-candro, Mary Ellen Glass, Joy Courtney, Judy Yauchzy, Elizabeth Rozek, Phyllis Horton, Dorothy Duminuco, Third 'row: Josephine Mauri, Rosemary Sabuda. Lucy Sil– varoli, Thomas Klier, Daniel Kowalski, Annette. Donaruma, Barbara Anne Nowacki, Janet Schmid, Marjorie Moran. [f'o"u1,th row; Marilyn Barno, Joyce Jurczak, Marie Re, Susan Hayes, Nancy Mitrano, Jacqueline Gotti, Joan Kosinski, Joanne Korkowicz, Ann Zappia, Kathleen Murphy, Anton SchwarzmuelIer, Margaret Wizeman, Aldana Miskinis, Dolores Kudla,

newman club

Fi1'St ,'ow: Barbara Zynda, 'J'cco?'ding seC1'etal'Y; Kenneth Hennig, t"easuf'e'r; Marjorie Hickey, president; DOl'othy Duminuco, C01T681JOnding secreta,'1}; Catherine Silliman, vice-p1'esident, Second ,'ow: William Thomes, mce-pl'esi– dent; Fraser Drew, adviser,

Pint ?'OW : Gail Reilly, Dolores Russ, Nancy Ann Thorne, Frances Foltasz, Jean McNab, Winifred Cody, Mary Jane VanDyke, Sylyia Kowal, Marie Battaglia, Maureen Lawler, Arline Annunziato, Second 'row: Margaret Hetteric, Rosemary LoDestl'o, Nancy Rodenbaugh, Rose Pineau, Colleen Buckley, Laurita Lodestro, Jeanette Daccardi. Third row: Janice Bloom, Freda Judge, Arline Little, Dorothea Wlodarczyk, Eug'ene Stepnick, Ed ~ ward Skudlarek, Elsie Zdzieblo, Lucille Tomasulo, Joanne Millonzi, Helen Sauer, Patricia Traum, Marlene Dietl'ieh, Barbal'a Turner, Catherine Bucki. Ji'f)1.(""th ?'OW : Thomas Brown, Robert Jennette, Joseph Marino, Mar'g'aret Ryan, .Shelia Casey, Antoinette Orlando, Mary Ann Padlo, Ma rie Sepcich, Rita F'erral'o, Dorothea Pi tal'ra, Rosemar y Costello, Harriet Hanson, Mary Ann Manka, Elaine Abelli, Joseph Angelo, Filth 'I'ow : Joan Bcsenfeldel', Ellen Mack, Hazel Ensminger, Marcia Kieta, Marianne Misulich, James Moore.

Fi1'St 1'OW: Mary Clare Hungerman, Carol Berry, Theresa Kuwik, Joan Klima, Barbara Ernest, Mary Hend– ricks, Cynthia Jacobson, Francis Conrad, Joyee Butler, Margaret Murphy, Mary Bonner, Carol Mahoney, Sec– ond 'row: Carole Podsiadlo, Mal'garet McNamara, Mary Mantione, Dolores Ferraro, Marie CUl'l'O, Celine Kos– CiU87.ko, Mary Ann Vullo, Judy Armstrong. Thi?'d 1'OW: Patl'icia Kenney, .rudy Reinlandcr, Agnes Frcinel', Ma ry Moorc, Elizabeth Donoy,an, Catherine Whal1 , Ann Rizzo, Marilyn Ann Wagner, Richard Lautz, Cynthia Hurley, Patricia Cantwell. }!'ott1'th 1'OW : LaUI'a Smith, Carol Campbell, Clementine Soltys, Carol Marie Piver.


}I'irst 'row : Rita Nagan, Shirley Schwaltz, COr1'6sponding sec'I'eta:I'Y; Stella Moscowitz, Dolores Heft, Marlene Zack, Sylvia Liebel'man, Bonnie Brock, Phyllis Rudd, Second row: Elaine Schwimmel', Sue Goldfarb, Rosal yn Wietzman, Sandra Selig, Barbara Ruben, Leigh Rumack, Enid Zimmerman, 'l'eco'l'ding S8cretu'I'Y; Dorene Baltimore, Enid Rimes , Jnne Cooperstein, Walter Kahn, advise?'; Carolyn Stern, president, Thi1'd 1'O'tO: Judith Ackerman, Rabbi Justin Hof mann, Sandra Gordon, Sandra Haas, t1'ealJW'e1'; Judith Simon, Joanne Granite, vice-1)'/'esident; Deanne Marg'olius, Ellen Schiffrin, Barbara Brightman, Frances Lukaczer,

Religion on campus. Student Christian association - from the quiet of vesper service to the fun and gaiety of State Fair. Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship - offering a lecture series on religious be– lief, provid ing a camp weekend. Hillel- interpretation of the rich J ew– ish heritage, a dance. Newman club - apologetics classes, the beauty of Mass and rosary. Twilight Twirl. Each faith teaches a pattern of living; each provides a social atmosphere for ap– plication of the pattern.

Fint 1'OW: Dorothy Vilhitten, .Tune SibbIe, Muriel Mayer, Katherine Vossler, 'William \Villel'th, Marilyn Rile, Beverly Corby. Sec– ond row: Barbara Corby, Beth Kroecker, Marjorie Hodg'ins, Marilyn Passmore, Cynthia Miller, Jean Battag'lia. Thi1'd ')"Ow: Phyllis Clements, Dianne Burnham, Sharon Neva, Robert Allen, Samuel Austin, Frederick Odenwald, Donald Ehat) Louis Mafsie.

inter-varsity christian fellowship

Pint TOW: Jane Welty, Barbara Mabie, Myrna Reynolds, J,oan Dean, Jean Kabel Clark, Margaret Anderson, Carol Dean. Second 1'OW : Audrey Cole, Janet Lau, Barbara Glad, Gail Eveleigh, Carole Nelson, Barbara Rankie, Joyce Kindt, Marjorio Grant, Thi1'd row: Suzanne McQueen, Elaine Kahler, Esther Stewart, Marjorie Shay, Norman Gustavel, Gay Harter, Syl– via Emmons, Sharlene Bolt, Lucille Cochran, Patricia Geiger, Virginia Beard, Marg'aret Miller, Jean Naish, Marilyn F lem– ming, Joan Wood.

Fi'l'l~t 1'OW : .Tean 'Wendel, a.cting IWC1'C– ta,'ry; Patricia Davies, iint vice-p?"f!I::li– dent,' Helen Halstead, treaSU1'el', Sec– ond row: Anna Maria Rosch, acting t/'eas1//J'm'; Joseph Sakumura, ehalJ– lain; Ruth Garrett, vice-}J'f'e,qident.

student christian association



Fi?,,~t "OW: Walter Blind, Daniel Clifford, Hugh Neil. Second 1'OW : Charles Mussen, Anthony Tabbi, Dean Zuch, Donald Wildy, p?'e8i– dent; William Forbes, Francis Reill y. Thi1'd "ow : Joseph Yelich, Lawl'encc Beebe, Joseph Di Pasqu– a le, John McRae, advise.,.; Edouard Koeppel, KUl't Legait, Caetano Nasci.

• sigma upsilon

Fi'l'st 1'OW: Mae Costigalia, Barbara J akiel, Tanya Bellomo. Second l'OW: Mary Jane Wickham, t1'eas– U1'e'I'; Patricia Fillipponi, Hallie Smith, p1'esident; Jean Fidd, Patl'icia Davies, Dana Alexander, Suno Go, Thi1'd row : Mar.y Lou Schmitt, Joan Lautensack. Dolores Adams, cOl'l'e81)Onding secl'etal'Y" Dianne Schmuckmiel', Ruth Garrett, vice-pl'esident.

• omicron



Pi-rsf, 1'OtO : Ronald Devito, t1'eaSU1'e1'; Gladys Wreszin, Mary Lou Schmitt. Second 1'OW : Annjeanette Hanner, Mary Lou Coleman, seC1'etcu'y; E8ther Cetel'ski, })1'6Sident; Harriet Brott, Hallie Smith, Patricia Davies, ViC6-P1'6sident ; Helen Halstead. Thi1'd j"ow: Daniel Clifford, Dan– iel Idzik, Richard Lautz, Edward Zwick, Gordon Klopf, advise?'; Joan Haley, Howard Bethel.

alpha Alpha tapping ... darkness, a light, a student is accepted into Alpha. His leadership is recognized - there's joy in recognition. Kappa Delta Pi - education ... Phi Upsilon Omicron _ home economics .. . Epsilon Pi Tau - industrial arts. They honor . . . and encourage qualities that call for honor.

Fil'St ro'w: Norma Mattei, Judy Armstrong, Barbara Zynda, Janice Bloom, Elizabeth Olson, Doris VanAllen, Second 1'OW : Patricia Lamb, Cynthia HUl'ley, Diane Hall, Rochelle Cantor, Winifred Macnish, Mary Owens, Carole Podsiadlo. Third 1'OW : Joyce Staudt, Alice Lyman, Ruth AUbert, Paula Caplan, Marian Grover, Barbara Rochester, Foto ,th 1'OW: Rhoda Levine, Edward Zwick, Doreen Pelletiel', Joseph DiPasquale, Arnold Faeklam, Norman Gustavel, William )'1iller, Lynn 'Vinter, .Toan Staub, Barbara Sperling, Richard Luutz, Nancy Sweet , Ri t a Rosati, Rosanne Perry, Janet SuttCI',

kappa delta pi •

F'i1'st ~·ow: Lorraine Meinke, Marilyn Koel'ber, Mnl'Y Lou Schmitt, Patricia O'Leary, Burbara Ernst, Joan Yates, Anna Maria Rosch, Astra Ziverss, Joan Dean, Ruth Garrett, Theresa Czarnecki, Second 'row: Patricia I-larris, Mary Ann Cooke, Judith Stern, Louise 'Whittaker, Nancy Apa, Carol Ann Bettcher, Anne Farrell, Ada Carpenter, Patl'icia Davies, Wilma Benjamin, Mary Ann Zihlut. Thi1'd row: James Riendeau, George Klein, Violet Hoffman, Arline Little, Mary Ann Malecki, Mary Ann Manka, Gayle Foster, Nancy Lcinbach,Ruth Gritzke, Jane Gerken, Donna Johnson, Dianne Burnham, Donna Klumpp, Joan Metselaar.

GladysWl'eszin, }J)'esident; Ruth Sugarman, adviser; Helen Halstead, histO'l'ian; Doris Frey, Hecretal'Y·

• tau pi


Firflt r ow: Edward Zwick, Franklin 'Webster, treusuTe1"" Mohammed Bubshait. Edward Fink, Donald Stebbins vice-presi– dent; Arnold Facklam, pnsident. Second 'row: Lester Bragg, Jack Walters, Gordon Watt, Edward Burt, Louis Nichols, Donald Weaver, Bruce Nicoll, Horace Foley, Robert Kaufman, secretary; Kenneth Brown, ad'Viser. Third l'OW: William Farrell, Thomas Friedman, Norman Symington, Alan "McMillen, Robert Grandits.

Fh'st Nancy Svensson, Carole Wilkinson, COFrf3SpOYfdin{] secreta1'Y" Gretchen VanDer– hoof, Suzanne Stark, co-chair– man ; Eleanor Kahle. Second 1'OW: Jean Acenowl', 1>ecording sec?'etwry; Joanne Higbie, Bev– erly Price, Jean Zalenski, Bob– ert Weigand, co-chairman. Thi'f'd )'ow : Celine Kosciuszko, Phyllis Levine, Richard, Vilolf, Robed Allen, Robert Fox, John Evans, Joseph Bolinsky, Joseph Marino, Barbara Karpio, Gaetano- Nasci, t1'eas'U'rel', TOW:

art education club

F'i1'st row: Virginia Beard, seereta1'Y; Elizabeth Washington, Clayton Berlinghoff, p1'6sident; Janet Ledlie, viCC-PTcsidcnt; Barbara Bl'ic_ mont, Elaine Rockman, tr'eaSW'f3T; Donna Johnson. Second row: Kathryn Childress, Mary Jane VanDyke, Joan Heintz, Shirley Mason, Doro– thea Wlodarczyk, Esther Silverman, Rose Pineau, Jean Clark. Thir'd 1'OW: William Rauch, Lola Skidmol'e, Laurita Lodestro, Herbert Rows– well, Marilyn Nadin, Jane Tooley, Joan Droit, Kay Vanderhoff, Rose Marie Russick, George Sherrie, adviser" Diane Hall.

future teachers • america


early childhood education club

Membership in a professional club pro– vides experiences in a field of professional interest. Meetings, committees, notes in an or– ganization box. Education and fun, too.

Fit'st )'ow: Anne Tauriello, Lela Harness, Lorraine Julian, Anne Dempsey. Second ?'ow : Ellen Mack, Louise Whittaker, Helene Schultz, vice~ president; Jean McNab, Sandl'a Philblad, Rochelle Cantor, Virginia Beard, tl'easU'rer, Second row: Carol Schultz, l\I1al'g'Rl'et Wizeman, Astra Zivcrss, Katherine Shoup, pnsident; Jane Wiedemann, S6c'reta'ry; Evelyn Jacobs.

internationaI council for exceptional children

Fi1',qt row: Virginia Thomas, Rosemary Sabuda, h'easure1',' Jean Bancroft, S6C1'etal'Y , Second row: Leon Barsky, p1'csident,' James Strauch, Mary Ann Cooke, Patricia Harris, Kathleen O'Rourke, Judith Stern, 1)iCe ~p1 'esident; Donald McDonald, Evanne Ravins, Murray nJoustein, advise?', Thi?'d 1'Oto: Marlene Hession, Grace Tennant, Donna Johnson, Dianne Burnham, Joanne Blanchard, Phyllis Levine, Loretta BOl'kowski.

Fi1'St 1'OW: Dolores Kudla, Esther Stewart, Annette Roth, Annette Hagen, Dorothea Wlodarczyk, Patricia Bell, Second ,'ow_: Dianne "8ch– llluckmiel', Marian Grovel', Kaloma Thompson, Ellen Ross, Phyllis Rudd, Aldana Miskinis, Donna Darrow, J o Howard, Jean Fidd. Thi,'d "ow: Jane Allen, Alice Wolfe, Virginia Cardot, Beverly Hil ton, Margar et McNama ra, Judith Yauchzy, June SibbIe, Cal'ol -Hahn. F01t1'th 1'OW : Rosaline Tabone, Marian Seaman, Marjorie Shay, Carol Gangnagei, Marilynn Dienstbier, Marjorie Hodgins, Jane Carr, Marjol'ie Grant, D01'othy l\1cllwaine, Yvonne Castellion, Margarct Farrell, Marjoric Moran, Maureen Sui tor, Dawne Trombley.

• club economics


l;'irst 'row: Sandru Adams, Ada Carpenter, Nancy Raziano, Priscilla -Watson, Shi r ley Sherman, secre– tary; Rober ta Snyder, ]J1'exidmtt,' Nancy Apu, vicc-pres-ilient; Suzanne Mcqueen, Patricia Fillipponi, J eanette Halsey, Tanya Bellomo, Sandra Selig, Winifl'ed Cody, Barbara Tucker, .lean Underwood, Bar– bal'a Ann Connor, Nancy Gibson. Third ?'ow : Barba r a Ann Miller, Elaine Kahler, Phyllis Horton, Edith Batchelder, advise'r; Barbara Hoffmann, Barbm'a Schwig'lel', Agnes Batt, Annette Mancusco, Ann How– a r d, Gloria Rycl'se, Lynn Griffin,

Fi1'St row: Nancy Nissen, Helen Sauer, Cleo Beeman, William Willerth, t1'caSUJ'c?'; Lawrence Beebe, Scc?'cta?'y; Kurt Legait, vice– pl'esident; Joan Staub, }J'J"esiden/,; Joan Yates, Maureen Lawler, .James Moore. Second row: Norbert GUl'backi, Lowell Smith, Lois Smith, Ruth Rose, Charles Mussen, Nancy Thorne, Freda Judge, Daniel Kowalski, Thomas Klier.

• club sCience

internationaI relations club

Joan Britt , Edmund Brown, adviser; Shirley Mason, Jenny Const an tino, chlti1'1nan ; Monica Sander, Lawrence Beebe.


industrial arts club

Pint 1'OW: Rodney Van Housen, Gary Runckel, .Tames Moore, Robert Winters, Alec McAllister, Thomas Friedman, ViCe-lJ1'6Rident;Edward Burt, Charles Fellner, sem'el(J/t'Y; Nonnan Syming·ton, p1'csi,dwnt. SM;ond .'I'OW: Samuel Tuttolomonc1o, Anthony 'rona, Ed– ward Novak, Donald Weaver, Paul Terhorst, Charles Schwender, James Burns, Hugh Smith. Thi?'d "ow: Stanley Zimmerman, Timothy Malone, Michael Pirowskin, Richard Krug, Thomas Malone, Daniel Kowa lski, Gordon Anderson, Joseph Kauffman, John Faliszewski, John Szczypkowski, Howard Meyers, Howard Meyer, advise?'. FOU1'th "ow: Edward Ahrens, Thaddeus Zajac, Thomas Klier, Robert Jones, David Timm.

veterans club

Fint l'OW: Raymond Johnston, N icholas Chickos, Anthony Queeno, Robert McClellan. Second ?'ow: Ralph Slade, CO)'1'csponding sccretaJY; Steven Gittler, advise?'; Norman Connelly, president; Milton Conomos, fi1'St vice-pnlf~ident; George Kontos, Fred Chap– man, second vice-pTesident; Anthony Alberti. 7'hi'I'd 'row : Ronald DePentu, Howard Meyers, Willard Schum, .Jack Fawcett, Bruce Nicoll, William Keller, Francis Matthews, Samuel Giordano, Alex Craig, James Wells, Alfl'ed Heinen, tl'caSUTCl'; William Hazel– ton, August Hein, Cornelius Mahoney .



Pi'l'st 'row: Arthur Hadley, Jacqueline Rush, Audrey Grinter, t1'casu'/'e1'; Barbara Olson, N~ncy Raziano, Ellen Schiffrin, Joanne Higbie, H, D, Stark, Jeanne Bermann, Barbara Cordes, John Petel's, Susan l{.osenberger, William Keller, Second "ow: J~net Kramer , Nicholas Macrides, 1Jl'e~ident; Ilse Doerier, sccreta'li/; Gail Reilly, Mary Tachca, Gertrude Mank, Joanne Blaha, Elizabeth O'Shea, Donna Delahunt, Sue Goldfarb, Delphine Szafl-anski. Thi'rd "ow: Ada Purdy, Carole Wittnel', Joan Ormsby, Geraldine Marapese, Ann Scheel', Donna Dahar, Carol Gallo, J anet Lockwood, Glol'ia Upton, Helen King, Barbara Roesch, William Hoffman, Cynthin Monroe, Joseph Merlo, Thomas Maloney, Howard Meyers,

art kraft klub

OK-AKK ... and the (loster goes up. Originality and creatiVity in admission and in social functions ... unusual letters and a costume ball. Scholarship award ... parties and fun. Art Kraft Klub.

inter-fratern ity

Ji'i1'St row : Robert 'Neigand, 'Villard Schum, SCC1'ctar!l-treasu1'


Pi'J'st 1'Otv: Dorothy Duminuco, Barbara Ernst,. trcasw'cl',' .Janet Kramer, C01Tcsponclin{J se(J1'eta1'Y; Judy Al'mstrong, lY1'6Sident; Sylvia Solkoff, 1'cco1'ding sec1'eta1'Y; Lenoro Kemp, advise1'. Second row: Judy Dingeldey, Joanne Smith, Dorothea Wlodar, Carole Wilkinson, Joyce Hiscutt, Lois Pudney, Gel'aldine Marapese.

FiTst row: Barbara Zynda, Fay Ellen Mickel, .Tean Mokski, Lou Ann Doyle, Patricia Cantwell, Rose Marie Aquino, Joan Rind– fleisb, Janet MacFarlane. Second row: Valerie Severance, assista,nt t?'easw'er; Sally Henry, vice-p1'esi,dent; Joan Valasek, Sharon Dob1'oYolsky, Cynthia HurieY,t1'easu:rel'; Ruth AUbert, Kathleen Ryan, Jo Ann Twist, '1'6cO?'d'ing 8ecretary; Mary Lou Marzolf, Mar– lene Garfield, p,'csident; May Frankenbach, Catherine Silliman, J canette Elek. Tll/inl -row: :Marilyn Brauch, Mary Hendricks, Joan Kosinski, Marlene Dietl'ieh, Alice Vilylegala, Carol Timm, Jean Acenowr, Sallie"Smith, Sylvia Kowal. Fow,tlL row: Doris Van Allen, Sharon Marzolf, Patricia Bjorklund, Judith Millspaugh, Dorothy Hayn, Marcia Hicks, Susanne Erckel't, Joan 'Vood, Donna Schultz, Judy DingeJdey, .Judy Armstrong, Joanne Taylor, Doris LaRosa.

A busy day, the Alpha Sig's ... with Fireman's Ball publicity, seminar in the library, a committee meeting for Jacket day. There's lunch with other girls of the red and white, coffee after a stiff exam ... always friendship. With pride she is an Alpha Sig.

alpha sigma pi

delta kappa

Fi1'8t 1'OW: Mercer Guerry, David Maul, Anthony Tabhi, Alfred Bean, Second TOW: Ronald Meyers, Daniel Clifford, Howard Bethel, lJrcsidenl; Edward Kostuk, vice-president; Gerald Duffy, tJ'easw'e'r; Robert Turgeon. Third j'ow: Joseph Dipasquale, David Elmer, Howard Luff, Kenneth Hennig, James Coppola, Donald MacLeod, David Hammond, Stanley Zimmerman, Chades Mussen, James Rauhe, Rodney Van Housen. Fo'Urth t'ow: Eugene Lewis, Donald \~lood, Raymond Haines, Kenneth Macdonald, Dennis Matteson, John Peters, Robert Lamparter, Martin Camarata, recording seC1'ctal'Y; Robert Kirchmyer, cOl'Tesponding J:;eC}'etat'Y; Robert Kersch, Charles Torch, Marshall Chazen, Ronald Devito, Gerald Dalven, Bradley Smith, William Hoffman, James Aprile.

hel, er, es On, 1th,

The triangle pin, the maroon and white jacket ... and he's Delta Kappa, a campus leader. Crystal Ball and Community Chest, Student Direc– tory, Kappa Kapers .. . spirit in all he does. Fellowship and leadership running through his cam– pus fraternity life . .. he's Delta Kappa. And his is real brotherhood.

alpha tau sigma


Pint row: Colleen Buckley, Hazel Joslin, Margaret Buehlmann, Maril yn Olear, Henrietta Moshammer. Second 1'OW : Anne Mc– Dowell, p1'csidcnl; Martha Hasner, COT}'csponding secntm'y; Janet LaSpisa, Jean Pierotti, Joanne Smith, Vice-]Jresident; Mary Jane Scrymgeoul', Elaine Jones, 'l'cco1'ding secretary; Susann Kenline, tnJaSW'CT; Mary Jan Van Dyke, Jane Welty, Dorothea Wlodar. Thh'd row: Marie Egcnsteiner, Laurita Ladestro, Dolol'es Crapsi, Marcia Schultz, Carolyn Rumberger, Cecilia Hale, Patl'icia Lamb, FOU1'th TOW: .Tean McNab, Ann Williams. Virginia Sly, Nancy Miller, Lola Powers, Doris Heidenreich, Shirley Brisk, Betty Lundgren, Shelia Casey, Arlene Layer.

She may be preparing a bulletin board for the fifth grade, tacking up Tau Dreamtime posters, soliciting toys for those boys and girls in Kentucky ... or perhaps she is developing the theme for sorority-interest party ... Her yellow jacket is symbolic of Alpha Tau Sigma. . For the non-sorority girl, the Luella Chapman award. Striving' for new ideas ... a holly corsage sale ... cherishing the old traditions, too. The Alpha Tau.

psi beta phi

He wears the familiar jacket, works on a Moving-up day float, is active in inter-fraternity sports. A fall night, with students and spirit ... Psi Phi burns the jinx. Psi Phi ... a get-together in the Snack Bar after meetings, publicity for Club Collegiate and plans for Miss Collegiate. He's Psi Phi ... a member of State's oldest fra– ternity.

F'i'l'sll'o'W: George Binner, 1'eco1'ding sec1"(;:twry; James Riendeau, ti'eaStU'c1',' Stephen Kovac, vice-president; James McKendrick, 1wcsident. Second 1'OW: George Clever, Willard Schum, George Kiener, Robert Wiegand, Leonard Kaplan, Richard Mazur, George Klein.

!i'.j;}'xl '}'ow : Harriet Brott, Dorothy Duminuco, Cai l Stephenson, Roberta ,\Vray, Joan Schl'oedt:!l', Paula Neill, Anna Maria Rosch, Robt:! I'ta Horn, Carolyn ''''hite, Second row : Lois Pudney, Barbara Jakiel, cU'l-responding sec,/'eta'/'y; Diane Reinecke, secund 'vice– p'l'esident ; Clm'a Benedetti, first vicc-p'resident; Dolores Adams, p)'esident ; Mary Callahan, lJ'easH1'cr; Vi rginia Abel, '1'c c01'd-ing sec– 'J'eta l'Y ; June Blatt, Nancy Slinde, Dianne Schmuckmicl', Ann Zappia, Third row: .Toan Haley, Joy Yondt, Elizabeth Sexsmith, F:mily Bradshaw, Sariann Morris, Cynthia Monl'oe, Beverly McNett, Phyllis DeBole, Joa n Staub, Muriel Kay, Carole Smith, Nancy Potter, Joanne Korkowicz, Barbara Miller, Leila Haywood, F'ow'th 1'OW: Donna Gottun g, Janet Weber, Margaret Barrett, Dorothy Schutrum, Mat'i n GeOl'ge, Rosemary Tennt:!y, Anna Kavulich, Phyllis Horton, Cleo Beeman, Nancy Nissen, Nancy Lagowski, Sally Leman, J oan Hoffman, Alice Lander, Donna Delahunt, Linda Su tton, Elaine Kahler, Bevel'ly ZUCkCl', E lma Hardy. Mary Lou Schmitt.

• sigma



Her sorority year is full ... plans to help a hospital patient, gala Emerald Eve, State Fair and Moving-up day. Delta Sigma Upsilon ... a green jacket and a smile.

• sigma tau


Fi?'st 'row: Paul Manke, sec"J'ctwry; Anthony Hoppa, tn~(f,'ltu ·(w .. Donald Stebbins, vice-p1'c8ident; Edward Zwick, '/J'}'esidcnt ; J. Robert Levesque, Ronald Thrun, Sam Maisano, Norman Symington. Second 1'OW: Vlilliam Giles, James Camann, ';Villiam Blizard, Norman Plezia, Anton Schwarzmueller, Norman Gustavel, Thomas Ghent, .Tan Arbiter, Richard Lautz. Thi'J'd T OW: GeOl"ge Weinfurtner, Paul Krauss, William Thomes, Leland Gag-e, Paul Ted10l'st, Michael Eberwein, Lester Bragg, Charles WolCfer, Albert Paulter, Allan Jones, Rohel't Hopkins, Richard LaUmang, Lowell Smith, Albert Burns.



He's Sig Tau. He's the varied activities ... W.hite Elephant sale, social calendar, the tradi– tional White Rose dance. He's the blue jacket. And he's loyalty . .. and fellowship.

Wearing the navy blue .. . she reflects the pride and fellowship of Pi Kappa Rho. Mardi Gras and King Rex, rushing, pledging, Jacket day, classes, study, work .. . she's all these things.

FiTst 1'OW: Lois Will , Nancy Molter, Linda Repp, Joan Klima, Adene Newell , F.ileen Dickson, J'ohanna Wagner, Cynthia Denny, Helen S;o:czesniak. Second j'ow: Patricia Geiger, JoAnne Reeh, Jane Wiedemann, Margaret Matheson, Ruth -Rose, h'casu1"e1'; Mal'~ garet Miller, p-resident; Ag'leia Economou, vice-p'l'csident; Janet Lau, Madene Rahuba, Carole Podsiadlo, 86C1'eta't y; Cal'yl Vertalino, Suzanne Braun, Lois Marvin, Mary Ellen Harth. '1'Jdl'd T OW: Marilyn Koerber, Barbara E rmlt, Joyce Hiscutt, Barbara Bottom.ley. Rhonda Ruocco, Patricia O'Leary. Rose Russick, June Fischer, Margaret Woodall, Ruth Garrett. Fourth 1'OW: Elizabeth Blakemore, Anne Saenger, advixe'r; Donna Klumpp, Ruth Voetsch, Teresa Smutko, Carol Del:l.n, Betty Jane Strodel, Fl'ances Manka, J ea n Wendel, Jean Naish, Mary Kirsch, Marilyn F lemming , Joan Dean, Carolyn Kl'euger,

• kappa rho pi

Sigma Lambda Phi. Service to campus and community ... Heart Fund, library work, books and toys for Children's hospital. She wears royal blue and white ... a jacket and a hat. Inter-sorority meetings and Jacket day, pledge pin, rushing. Fun and work in Moving-up day, State Fair, her own Columbus Capers. Goals to meet ... scholarship to achieve ... sis– terhood to live.

• lambda phi sigma


Fh'st ?'ow: Sy Ivia Solkoff, lJ1'esidcnt; Mary Anne Katz, vice-president .. Carole Partl'idg'c, Cal'ole \'Vilki nson, 8ecretw'y. Second 1'OW : Marlene Zack, Lenore Kemp, a&vi,'w'/'; Phyllis Levine, Suzanne Stark, Helen Halstead, Joyce ROgCl'S.

FiTst n)?J): Debol'ah Cook, Janet Lockwood, Sandra Haas, Patricia Mi11er, Ada Purdy, Nancy Raziano. Second1'oW: Sandra Ward, Audrey Grinter , Joan Cotter, Janet Corrig'an, Janet Kramer, Linda Joslin, Ann Mutschler, Nancy LaLonde, Marian CanoH, ad– vise,'. Thi1'd -row: Jane Cooperstein, Geraldine Marapese, Helen Cutaiar, h'ea8U'l'e1'; Barbara Cordes, Sally Ann Barry, Lorraine Weaver, concsponding secnda-I'Y; Annjeanette Hanner, ]J1'csident; Mary Lou Lynch, vice president. FoU'rth row: Norman Mattei, Jacqueline Rush, Edith Lapham, Joan Kl'anock, Elizabeth Olson, Lorraine DeMarco, Patricia 'Vellech, Roxanne Root, .Toan Orsm– by, Joyce Staudt, Marilyn Cadwallader, Gail Reilly. Fifth i'OW: Susan Van Buren, Susan Rosenberg-el', Carole Delmore, Dolores Russ, Ginevra Evans, Velma Boyles, Judith Odell, Jane Kauffman, Lynn WinteJ', Alice Lyman, Joan Gardner, Barbar~ Payne.

• • sigma sigma

A girl in white and violet .. . fun and laughter, a party, a hamburger with friends in the Snack Bar ... a Sigma. They are busy days, with work and fun. She feels the richness of her Sigma Sigma life.

\ ,



Those wit h experience guided him ... and with wis- dom they led him. Their work was for the student. And he came to know him- self .. . and he grew in mind and spirit. He became rich through administrative life.




~~~ ~ ~l~~l ~~


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