Tip #1 In lots of RVs interior storage space is limited. Using products that collapse, stack items, or mount to the underside of cabinets can help maximize usable space in the RV. Tip #2 When you go camping you are confronted with the issue of where to dry all the wet towels, bathing suits and clothing. To solve the problem we use a portable clothes line that mounts on the RV ladder. It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to disassemble and store.

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Tip #3 New RVs come equipped with a portable fire extinguisher located in close proximity to the entry door. I like to keep a second portable fire extinguisher in an exterior RV storage compartment for easy access outside the RV. Try to get in a habit of checking the fire extinguisher sight gauge to make sure they are fully charged prior to RV trips..

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