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AUG 2019

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Family is one of the biggest reasons why I entered into dentistry; my mom helped build and nurture that interest, and I’m very grateful for that. I also enjoy working with my family at Beaumont Family Dentistry. My mom, grandmother, Kyle, my wonderful wife, Hannah, and I all work together to bring the best services we can to our patients. My grandmother is especially great at looking after our patients. She makes follow-up calls, sends birthday cards, and provides the front desk with plenty of goodies for everyone to enjoy. At times, it can be hard to work with your family, but it’s also very rewarding. We have the same goals and targets to aim for, and we can communicate very efficiently. While I don’t work directly with my mom or Kyle, it is reassuring that they’re there if I need to call them and bounce ideas off of them. Hannah and I have a 2-year-old son, Luke, who, similar to when I was growing up, has a presence at the office. When Luke was younger, he was in the office more than he has been recently. When he was around 1 year old, he’d be there at least once a week. Now, he’ll come by every couple of weeks for a few hours to run around, but he mostly spends his days at school.

My sister, Dr. Kyle, and I grew up in my mom’s dental office. One of the first memories I have is working with my mom when we were 4 or 5 years old, doing little things here and there like sweeping the floor or cleaning up. I’ve been coming to Mom’s office since I was in a crib, and I’ve been told people in the office would take turns coming to check on me while I was there. When I was 16 and in high school, I started doing more around the office. I would do some lab work and assist with any odd job they needed me to do. This continued into college, although I worked more during the summer than the rest of the school year. Despite being so engulfed in dentistry growing up, I wanted to pursue a career as a physician, specifically a surgeon. That desire continued well into my junior year of college but changed abruptly while I was working on a research project. The surgeon I talked to for the project left a strong impression that they didn’t enjoy what they were doing. They were practically trying to talk me out of pursuing that career. I turned my attention to dentistry, which was an easy transition. Today, I’m very happy with the choice I made to follow this career path. I really enjoy what I do, and I have a lot of fun going to work and helping my patients every day. Being a dentist is much more rewarding than anything else I could have done.

Hannah, Luke, and Dr. Ryan at a Chicago Cubs game

second son in early November, and I think it’ll be nice for Luke to have a friend and a younger brother. Hannah and I are looking forward to having another son and watching him grow just as we have with Luke. Just as Luke and I were welcomed into the dentistry field by family, there’s no doubt in my mind that my second son will also be embraced by everyone in the office. –Ryan Golibersuch

Right now, we’re all very excited about the newest addition to the family. Hannah is due with our


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