Maryland Judiciary Judicial Council 2021 Annual Report

2021 COMMITTEES Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee Honorable Mimi Cooper, Chair Promote the use of appropriate dispute resolution processes throughout the courts. Provide an avenue for courts to vet changes to

Education Committee Honorable Susan H. Hazlett, Chair

Guide, promote, and encourage the education, training, and professional development of all judges and Judiciary employees. Equal Justice Committee Honorable Judge E. Greg Wells, Chair Ensure that judges and staff increase their knowledge and understanding of ethnic disparities, discrimination, and systemic racism, including implicit bias, micro-inequities, and micro-aggressions. Juvenile Law Committee Honorable Michael J. Stamm, Chair Provide guidance and recommendations regarding policies, rules, and legislation surrounding juvenile law, including juvenile justice and child welfare. Recommend policies, rules, and legislation that improve the effective administration of juvenile law. Legislative Committee Honorable Stacy A. Mayer, Chair Protect and promote the Judiciary’s interests regarding new laws and initiatives. Major Projects Committee Honorable John P. Morrissey, Co-Chair Pamela Q. Harris, Co-Chair Address policy-related matters regarding the implementation and ongoing operation of new and existing technology projects, as well as the establishment of priorities for the implementation of those projects. Senior Judges Committee Honorable James A. Kenney III (Ret.), Chair Honorable Deborah S. Eyler (Ret.), Vice-Chair Advise the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals and the Judicial Council on matters relevant to retired/recalled judges. Specialty Courts and Dockets Committee Honorable Nicholas E. Rattal, Chair Honorable Mark S. Chandlee, Vice-Chair Promote and oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of specialty courts and dockets in the courts.

ADR rules and standards of conduct. Court Access and Community Relations Committee Honorable Pamela J. White, Chair

Address barriers to access to the courts and legal services in Maryland. Strengthen public awareness of the Judiciary’s programs, projects, services, and initiatives. Promote knowledge and understanding of the Judiciary. Court Operations Committee Honorable Glenn L. Klavans, Chair Address matters related to the efficient operations of the courts. Assist in the development of consistent statewide operations, policies, and best practices. Court Technology Committee Honorable Fred S. Hecker, Chair Honorable Margaret M. Schweitzer, Vice-Chair

Ensure the technology operations of the Judiciary are efficient and effective.

Provide advice and guidance regarding the implementation of technology and its impact on judicial operations and functions. District Court Chief Judge’s Committee Honorable John P. Morrissey, Chair Chief Judge, District Court of Maryland Advise the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals on the operation of the District Court. Aid the Chief Judge of the District Court in the administration, operation, and maintenance of the District Court statewide. Domestic Law Committee Honorable Cathy H. Serrette, Chair Provide guidance and direction regarding policies, rules, and legislation surrounding family domestic law, including domestic violence. Recommend policies, rules, and legislation that improve the effective administration of domestic law.


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