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I’ve always been a dog person. When I was growing up, my family had a Jack Russel named Lily after Lillian Russel. Lily was so well trained and knew many fun tricks. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to a new member of our family! You may see this little one at the clinic. She’s only 13 weeks old right now, but she’s a little puppy employee in the making. Her name is Kiwi! Kiwi is a border collie/Blue Heeler mix we rescued. We think she will be a great therapy dog. I worked in a clinic early in my career that utilized a therapy dog from the age of 6 months on, and the dog learned how to be supportive and work with injured individuals. Lupo is a great dog, too; he’s quite the well- mannered gentleman, and I’m hoping he can pass off some of those manners to Kiwi in the future. When Lupo looks out the window, he just enjoys watching people pass by and rarely barks.

we were giving them healthy treats and opportunities for exercise. These tricks and treats are perfect for any dog, regardless of their age. Both Kiwi and Lupo enjoy them a lot. In fact, they’re playing at my feet right now as I’m writing this, completely quiet! With our success, we want to share these tricks and treats with you as well! treats from Pet Botanics. Little treats are ideal because they have fewer calories, making it easy to stay below the 10% of their daily calorie intake limit that a lot of vets recommend. This is a great way to train your dog as well. We give Lupo treats when he rolls over or shakes on command. These treats are also great if you are potty training your new puppy; every time they go outside where they should, they get a treat. This will help encourage this behavior in the future. Exercise The best thing for border collies is exercise, both for the mind and body. It’s best to work with them on a variety of commands. With our older border collie, Lupo, we’ve trained him to learn the names of his toys! We line them up to see if he can remember which one is which. We will call out the name of a toy and see if he goes for the correct one. Since he is very smart, it only took him a couple weeks to master this trick. Treats We primarily use grain-free training

Lupo & Kiwi

The names of the toys must be short and specific, like “foxy” or “cow.” We introduced one new toy a week. The activity is fun and makes their brains work as well. This is a great exercise to keep any pet active and mentally healthy. As a dog gets older, swimming can be a great exercise. If you don’t have a pool, think about local ponds or parks that have them. We live right by the beach, so we like to take our dogs down to swim in the ocean. The saltwater gives the joints a little buoyancy and relieves pressure. This is especially good for purebred dogs that are more prone to hip dysplasia, as they’re able to move their back legs a bit easier. The ocean or pool is beneficial for you also; it allows you to cool off with your pup on hot summer days. These little tricks and treats should ensure the Lily, Kiwi, or Lupo of your household lives a quality life! If you have a new addition to your family or have a passion for your four-legged family members, let me know! Remember to keep an eye out for our new puppy employee in training.

To avoid any unnecessary vet bills for Lupo and Kiwi, we wanted to make sure


Date: Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 Time: 6:30 p.m. Location: 4776 Hodges Blvd., Ste. 101 Jacksonville, FL 32224

Call or email to register: 904-223-2363 | JaxPT@Fyzical.com

-Dr. Joanna Frantz

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